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    Bloodborne's Collector's Edition looks dandy From EU but presume US and beyond will get something somewhat similar.
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    Rise of the Tomb Raider is not an Xbox One exclusive after all

    It's coming to 360 too. Which is utterly mad.
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    The Lore of Destiny

    Anyone able to fill me in about the lore in Destiny, whether there is any real background to the universe? I understand it has our Earth and solar system etc, just wondering if anyone thinks it goes deep from playing the beta. Sort of struggle to get into games where the gameworld/set up...
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    THE Rugby Thread

    So where are the rugby lovers? There best be some on here so I can boast when Wales stroll to a historic 3rd title in a row can talk rugby. Obviously I think Wales are going to win the thing, which is odd considering I don't think I've ever been this confident in watching us play. Think...