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    WTF is up with THIS?!

    All of a sudden, whenever a friend logs in or out (when it shows the notification in the top right corner) my dynamic theme automatically switches itself back to the default theme. You know, the one with the swirly animation going lengthwise across the screen? The XMB icons from the theme stay...
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    My PSN is back

    Hey guys, just wanted to let you know that I just logged on to PSN and it's 4 hours earlier than what the ETA from Sony was. I am in the US and it's 8pm central time right now. Try to log in again if you haven't tried in a while. :D
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    Here's my room. (video)

    Everyone feel free to post pictures or videos of your living space right here. (If you wish). I thought it would be fun for all of us to show others where we hang out/game. Here is my bedroom: (the music makes it great) 8-)
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    Online PSN codes from Gamestop = RIPOFF!

    I just ordered a $50.00 PSN code from gamestop that is supposed to be emailed immediately, and it's been an hour and NOTHING! Anyone else ever have this problem from these idiots?! Their customer service is closed so I can't even call them. WTF?!!
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    Vita dated 3/31/2012 for USA according to Amazon

    You guys/girls think this is legit?
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    750" 3DTV strapped to your FACE!!

    Sony is making it happen. Similar products have been released in the past and ended up being shitty, but this is supposed to be the real deal. I guess we'll have to wait and hear from our friends in Japan for some feedback. It gets released there on Nov 11th. What do you guys think? I think...
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    You've been Sax Roll'D

    Spread it around LMAO!!
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    Cloud Saves w/PS+ Am I missing something?

    Hi guys. I decided that I wanted to play LBP2 on the ps3 in the living room instead of my bedroom, so I uploaded my saved game data from "Saved Data Utility" on the XMB to the online (cloud) storage. After that I logged onto the ps3 in the living room and copied the data by pressing triangle...
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    3G version/AT&T question

    Hi guys...I don't understand how you will pay the fee to at&t for the 3G version. I has all kinds of plans for phones and whatnot, but what about the Vita? Is there gonna be some special monthly Vita plan aside from all of the phone plans or what? I'm not quite sure it is going to...
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    USA Supreme Court strikes down California video game law

    I'm an adult, so this doesn't really affect me, but I thought some of you younger people would like this. It's an interesting read. I'm glad to see it. I completely agree with the ideas/facts that made this ridiculousness get shut down, such as movie and book violence being exempt to critisism...
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    Welcome Back PS+ 30 days

    Hello all...I'm curious who plans on keeping their PS+ subscriptions after the 30 days are up. I've been a subscriber for a long time, so I plan on keeping mine because I think it's worth it considering it's already paid for itself; but I thought it'd make a good discussion topic for the people...
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    Welcome Back PS+ 30 days

    Admin please delete thread. Accidently posted this twice.
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    Trying to get my 1st Platinum Trophy...

    Hi guys/girls, I've had my PS3 since 2008 and have yet to earn one platinum trophy, so I decided it's about time. I just have one question. I decided I will attempt to plat Darksiders. My biggest obstacle when it comes to platting, is I just can not beat any game on the hardest difficulty...
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    Darksiders 2 trailer released

    I don't know about you guys, but I loved Darksiders. It was one of the best games I played in 2010. I can't wait for part 2. Here is the trailer I just discovered. This is rumored to be shown at E3 next week. Note: I just realized someone already posted about this, so I apologize. Mine has an...
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    Are you a PS Rewards beta member? Please help!

    Hi people. Can someone PLEASE post a link to where I can check my Rewards status online? I've been to every single PS website and have search ALL OVER them, and I can't find where to check my status. I know it's possible because I went there when I first joined the beta. I wanna know how...
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    Since the PSN is down...

    (The title makes this a legitimate thread for the PSN section =)...) Here is something awesome to pass some time. Whoever made it is definetely a badas*. I'm pretty sure you'll like it. It's not what you'd think from reading the URL. Have fun...
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    Just incase you haven't seen this yet... (PSN)

    (Contains explicit language)
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    A little insight on how the FBI deals with cyber criminals

    I know that more than likely, the majority of people affected by this PSN intrusion know that Sony has gotten the FBI involved in the manhunt for these idiots. Since I've had so much time on my hands since the outage, I decided I'd go to the FBI's site and read about criminal acts when it comes...
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    Anonymous DID do it. Has the speculation ended?

    Here is a direct quote from the latest Playstation Blog update that appeard on 5/4/11. (Just incase you haven't read it): What do you guys think? Is it just someone posing as them? I don't think it is. :x Here is the source...
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    I am a PS3 "fanboy". I've caused many arguments on youtube regarding console superiority, and swore that I would never touch an xbox. Sony said the PSN would be back online by today and it ISN'T! Eff the store...I don't need it for right now! Just turn the online multiplayer back on and work...