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  1. shcndw

    Britons descend from Iraq and Syria

    Link Well, how about that...
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    Good looking men...

    I sometimes state that a man is good looking. In addition, I'm straight and I feel perfectly comfortable when I say it. However, some people (mostly other males) refer to me as a homosexual after stating that a man is good looking. I most definitely have no problem with homosexuality but my main...
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    I really shouldn't be making this thread just for this cause but I honestly can't seem to figure this out. Re-arrange the equation into the form x=?; e^x = 42 s = ut + 1/2xt^2
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    Adriana Lima av/sig - 3,221 SP

    Hey. Requesting a 400x120 sig of Adriana Lima with my name placed anywhere you feel comfortable with. Would like it to be colourful. Would also like to request the norm size for an avatar of Adriana Lima. Avatar: Sig: I apologise for the small reward. It's all I can afford...
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    GCSE Results day - 27th August

    Feel free to channel your anger, anxiety, fear and excitement into this thread regarding tomorrow. Good luck to everyone. I hope you've done as well as you've hoped.
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    Don't drink and forum...

    Okay. People say that people don't forum when foruming when drunk, okay? Well, they might. So... I introduce the thread that allosws people who are little bit drinking to see to forum to allow to express their believes. Okay... Expreeessss yourself!!!
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    Random bruises, cuts, stains of blood after a night out.

    On Thursday I got a little drunk; couldn't remember anything on that day. Woke up on Friday with a massive ache on my right arm. I couldn't move it. I rolled my sleeve up to find a massive purple bruise on my bicep along with many bruises and cuts on my knuckles. The bruise got larger and...
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    Sixth Form

    I just got accepted into Sixth Form. Yippeeeee. :eek: The subjects I'm doing are: Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Further Mathematics. I would love it if someone can give me some advice regarding the different subjects I took. What issues would I encounter? How would I counter these...
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    Something weird happened today and I can't comprehend it. It was the 14/04/2009, my birthday. I don't usually do anything on my birthday and I especially wanted to chill on that day since I've got GCSEs coming up. However, my friends decided to celebrate my birthday and so they invited...
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    Get your twangers out and bounce your balls!

    I think you're all mature enough to watch this. It was a real Children TV show.
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    Love is beautiful

    Anyway, I'm pretty sad. I hate the present, the only way you can get it is to memorise it, capture it on video or picture. I hate it. I wish I can remember everything, the smell of air, the wind blowing, everything is important. What makes me mostly sad is my family, knowing someday I will get...
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    A wonderful world

    I think this song defintely deserves a thread of it's own! It truely is beautiful. Couldn't find the original video but I think this will do. Somewhere Over the Rainbow Lyrics Ooooo oooooo ohoohohoo Ooooo ohooohoo oooohoo Ooooo ohoohooo oohoooo Oohooo...
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    Should 'Evolution' be taught at schools as science?

    I say this Topic also deserves a thread of it's own.
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    A decent computer or not?

    So I've been interested in getting a new computer for a while, but low on cash since I bought the Ps3 :DD I really want to play new games on the PC because I'm mostly of a PC gamer. I'm not really good with technology so I have no idea what I'm buying in terms of goodness. I have found a pretty...
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    Good tv?

    I've been wondering this for a while now. Is this a good TV? It's a Phillips 42PF9731D Also what is this Ambi light thing?
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    I'm just wondering, i'm not high tech and have no clue about computers but is this computer any good? If you can find me a better and more powerfull one for the same price i will be more happy...
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    would this help with overheating?

    Im thinking of getting a xbox360, i dont know much about it but it seems like overheating seems to be kind of a issue, would this item help?
  18. shcndw

    for the uk

    While i was searching for a tv for my mum i came across this. it says they will have 362 by 2007-03-19
  19. shcndw ps3 for there uk pre-orders, im confused with there bundle though, is the ps3 gonna be a 60gb instead of the 20gb because the pic shows the 20gb version anyway heres the link
  20. shcndw

    gadget show in uk

    the gadgetshow on channel 5 are giving away a --- We're giving away what is without doubt the best prize fund we've ever put together. This week you could win: A Panasonic Toughbook A Crumpler Cheesy Disco laptop bag with a Toshiba laptop in it A 42 inch LCD TV A Canon EOS 400D digital SLR...