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  1. VayMasters86

    Potential PS5 Specs Leak So what does everybody think? Considering the lack of details, these could just be a good guess. I do think that it being released in 2018 is equal to a snowball's chance in hell, but I do think that them having Backwards Compatibility would...
  2. VayMasters86

    So what, if anything, do you not like about Destiny?

    Aside from the obvious (and stupid) it's beta, what don't you like? Or expected to be different in a way that you felt would have been better? 1) Movement. Movement felt slow, even with a hunter with a something like 50% agility, both normal and sprinting felt slow. Also you couldn't turn while...
  3. VayMasters86

    MLB The Show 14 Updates help...

    I don't know where else to put this, since their website forums are FU***NG garbage, and have a 25 post limit before you can create a thread, leaving it worthless. Does anybody know how to update the rosters? I'm constantly getting the announce for a roster update and an announcement for the...
  4. VayMasters86

    Controller speaker is actually rather cool.

    One of the features that I thought was a joke before I used it hands on was the built in speaker on the controller, but now that I've used it, despite being little things, adds quite a bit to the experience. I really hope it gets used more than currently. Thoughts?
  5. VayMasters86

    Would you purchase a PS4 and sub to PS+ if you could attach Premium channels? HBO/MAX

    Would you purchase a PS4 and sub to PS+ (or whatever it's called) if you could attach premium TV channels such as HBO/Cinemax/Showtime to your subscription instead of getting it through cable company?
  6. VayMasters86

    Report: Final Fantasy Versus XIII Cancelled? If true, any chance of me playing a future SE title is also "vaporware".
  7. VayMasters86

    Possibly a Final Fantasy Tactics 2 teaser. Two unrelated sites today mentioned Final Fantasy Tactics 2, and when I saw the video for this, I almost hit the ceiling just from the "possibility" of a Tactics 2. If it turns out to be a true Tactics 2, and not an...
  8. VayMasters86

    Sources detail PS4 processing specs I guess this would still be technically filed under "rumors" since it's not from Sony themselves, but it seem to be more detailed than earlier information.
  9. VayMasters86

    Newest version of games to release on PSN?

    Am I the only one who feels they should release the latest version of old games on the psn? Like Final Fantasy 1 and 2 just released as FF: Origins. These are the older PSone release of the game. I feel they should have released the PSP versions of the games, modified to be played on both PSP...
  10. VayMasters86

    GT5 Kevin Butler commercial

    I just saw this commercial for the first time, and I don't know if it's been posted yet or not but it' good.
  11. VayMasters86

    I beat Fallout: NV on Hardcore mode and all I got was this F****** T-rophy!

    Seriously?!? No special item? No new game plus? Not even being able to continue on after the final quest in that quest line?!? The trophy picture should be the cartoon guy holding a trophy in one hand, and the neck of a developer in the other, beating him to death with it! Didn't they get...
  12. VayMasters86

    3D tvs suck!

    3D home tv sets suck. It's '3D' yes, but it's only a slight upgrade, it's not like movie theater 3D where if the Green Goblin throws a pumpkin bomb at the camera it looks like it's going to hit you, this just makes all images look like they used an IMAX camera. Anyone else agree with this...
  13. VayMasters86

    The 3D?

    I was just thinking how cool it would be to have something like the move AND 3D. It would be so cool reaching out and seemingly grabbing an object that isn't really there, without being nuts. I wonder if they'll work well together, though I'm not sure if the 3D portion would work well. I think...
  14. VayMasters86

    FFXIV Info - Eorzeapedia

    They have a decent interview breakdown here It has some similar info that was previously posted, though I think (maybe I'm wrong for the first time) there's some new info. Have fun.
  15. VayMasters86

    Size in GB's of psp games?

    I was just curious of how many GB's some of the largest psp game require. And what can I expect the usual size of a umd game to be?
  16. VayMasters86

    Reguarding the 3 year warrenty.

    A buddy of mine bought an X360 sometime around September - November in 2006. It RROD'd on him last year sometime around August, they gave him the run around on the phone, and since he had a lot to do he decided to wait till he had time to play their games. Now he calls a few weeks ago and they...
  17. VayMasters86

    Laptop price drops coming soon?

    I was looking to buy a Laptop between now and around March 1st 09. I heard Intel is releasing new processors on the 28th of this month. I have no clue about how these prices would work, and the last thing I would want to do is buy a new PC then just one month later the prices were to drop. Does...
  18. VayMasters86

    Disappointed by Dead Space.

    As a game in and of itself, I thought it was pretty good, but, as a survival horror game, it was terrible. RE4 was better than this in that aspect and even that game wasn't top notch in the horror aspect. Only one part of the game made me feel slightly chilled and that was the ending cut scene...
  19. VayMasters86

    Current theater only movies for download?

    I was looking through the psn video store and noticed that there were a lot of movies for rent, now I prefer to rent the hard copy from my local Hollywood video which is right up the road from me. I was thinking, how many would like rent movies currently in the theaters? They could charge 10-12...
  20. VayMasters86

    HDMI/sound input question?

    Reguarding the quality of sound for a 5.1 system. How important is having an HDMI input. I've been looking for a 5.1 home theater system, and I've noticed that usually those that cost less than $550(US) only have an HDMI output. They have the other inputs, just not the HDMI input. All I'll...