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  1. ps3_spid3y

    Black or White?

    God I hope the surface isn't a fingerprint stamper this time!
  2. ps3_spid3y

    PSP2 OS... (Linux, Android or Proprietary)

    Android, if it is confirmed to have touch screen.
  3. ps3_spid3y

    Company Of Heroes Complete Pack only $12.50 on Steam!

    Hey guys, i just noticed it. I bought it right away and i must say, its a REALLY good deal. Its a good break from the usual RTS games, more fast paced. Seriously, if youre an RTS fan then you'll love this game. Check out the demo if youre skeptical. Really good deal though :)
  4. ps3_spid3y

    God of War Special Edition PSP Bundle Announced

    Source I am liking this :cool:
  5. ps3_spid3y

    Star Wars: The Old Republic GC '09 Developer Walkthroughs

    source There are a total of 4 videos. The game isnt so pretty since its still in alpha stages but i gotta say, the combat looks to be really deep and very fun! Especially the light saber combat was, this is the mmo i dreamed about. The cinematic interaction with NPC's looks alot...
  6. ps3_spid3y

    Looking to buy a graphic card

    To put it quite simply, name me the cheapest graphic card which can run...say...Gears of War on its highest settings smoothly. Any help would be appreciated :)
  7. ps3_spid3y

    Audio output question

    i just bought a 32" samsung series 3 HDTV from best buy and realized that it doesnt have a headphone jack, but instead has a digital audio out (optical) output point. Instead of buying a new t.v which DOES have a headphone jack, is there any attatchment or something which connects to the digital...
  8. ps3_spid3y

    ROFLMAO IGN 360 video The video is pure bliss....WOOT for ps3!
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    My 3rd signature

    down there. took me an hour, lol. please comment, and all tips are welcome :)
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    Devil may cry 4 question.

    is it neccesary to play devil may cry 3 before devil may cry 4? like to follow whatever is happening in the story etc. i know that the timeline puts DMC 4 after DMC1, but are there any story elements from DMC3 in DMC4?
  11. ps3_spid3y

    After patch 1.4, Warhawk is insane.

    Seriously. HERO mode is absolutely chaotic, no other War/Action game I've played so far is so fast paced - None other. Even if you haven't played Warhawk much, just download the patch and play one round of HERO mode to see what I'm talking about. Action at the speed of light taking place all...
  12. ps3_spid3y

    SCEA/GGL Warhawk Zones Tournament - The CHAMPIONS BLADE! + Bonus Participation Knife! The "Champion's Blade" will be awarded to all members of the winning team - And will replace the knife in-game. More info :
  13. ps3_spid3y

    can you upgrade the graphics of a laptop?

    i own a laptop at the moment and i was wondering if i could upgrade the graphics.
  14. ps3_spid3y

    where can i buy a yamaha YPG625 keyboard?

    i just dont know where to look. +rep.
  15. ps3_spid3y

    Looking for headphones with headset that work with the PS3!

    Is there a good headphones with headset capabilities that I can use with the PS3? I only play with headphones not through speakers, problem with that is I can't place the bluetooth headsets anymore. So any solution?
  16. ps3_spid3y

    God Of War: Chains Of Olympus Review by IGN

    SCORE - 9.4\10 Seems that God of war:chains of olympus is the best game out yet for the psp. its a buy for me. your thoughts.