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    Sony: Vita Sells 1.2 Million Worldwide

    It's silly in this thread that anyone is comparing the PSPGo that launched when PSP was almost an afterthought and it didn't have a UMD drive and had the same price as this monster has.
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    WipEout 2048 will get 'new features, new ways to play' in future

    Indeed. Pandora's box is already opened though.
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    Sony: Vita Sells 1.2 Million Worldwide

    Let's see what it does week 2 - it'll likely drop like a rock like it did it Japan
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    Sony: You'll see all Naughty Dog on Vita - ND: Oh no you won't!

    Vote 1 too with the subtext that working on a handheld regardless of how powerful is something they'd view as a step down in status, i.e. big studios get the hoi polloi to do handheld games
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    Call of Duty coming to Vita this year

    Yea, I don't really enjoy shooters, borrow them and run through the campaign, but it's by far the genre of this generation (and I don't mean console) and would be interested in having a good one to play on the go. Wonder what they'll do with the controls.
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    PS Vita Quiz: Test Your Vita Knowledge!

    6/10, I'm going to have to cram for the final
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    Where is the marketing for the Vita?

    my god it's going to do awful
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    Where is the marketing for the Vita?

    Yea, the only thing I've seen is college bball saturday the logo was on the desk.
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    5 More Reasons the Vita Will Fail

    Yea, I was going to buy one until I knew there was a watch by Nike coming out. Tag Hauer is coming out with a pair of loafers that same day as well
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    Finally, a Vita Commercial! Did you catch it?

    They've been sponsoring College Basketball the last couple weeks
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    Gamestop receiving demo units

    Are the buttons smaller than PSP?
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    New 3G bundle. $299, 8GB, free PSN game, 30 days fee Data.

    Smart move by Sony - people shying away from the 3g, so give them basically the 3g model for the same cost - likely going to just get the 3g now, why not? I agree it doesn't address the barrier to entry, but, what it does is give a few more features to the early adopter/those on the fence.
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    Mega Man & Pac-Man to be exclusive characters in S F X tekken

    When I was 11 I never would have guessed that Ryu, Mario and Link would still be around, let alone that Pac-Man would have somehow came back
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    What are you getting on day one of VITA release?

    I had a netbook for years, from about when they first splashed, and it was great, didn't have to hold it or look down if I was on the couch or at a desk/table and a real keyboard - it fryed out and almost got a tablet but it just didn't make sense, particularly when more than capable laptops for...
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    MLB: The Show '12

    Was looking around for some info on this (pretty sparse for a game coming out in just over a month) and found this: Sounds like it's pretty much the PS3 version, which is sweet, it's the best sports...
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    What are you getting on day one of VITA release?

    I'm thinking of waiting until MLB the show comes out - I didn't really enjoy Uncharted 3 that much, or at least not anywhere near the first 2 and am not really itching to play another uncharted game. But, I'm sure I'll end up at the store buying it anyways.
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    Ps Vita Sold 15k Last week

    It's basically stabilized at 15k-ish, so not really worth seeing what numbers they do until they get one of those (silly) games they like. US, I don't know what to expect, I'd imagine the fan boys will buy it up the first couple weeks, then it'll likewise stabilize at a mark that equates to...
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    Battlefield 3 , Red Dead Redemption & MK9 on PS Vita using Remote Play (CFW PS3)

    Want people not to rip open a device which leads down the slippery slope of piracy? Don't let them immediately give the consumer more features than you offer.
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    Article: Is the PS Vita worth ?230

    Another one of these stupid this is what the materials might possibly cost and that is the only possible thing that goes into manufacturing a product and selling it at retail. In a vacuum, bracketed, the Vita is more than worth it, we'll see if the consumer agrees