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    Issue with PS4?

    So i'm trying to setup my PS4 and I get to the point where it says connect the controller with the USB cord then hit the PS button. I'm plugging it in and doing this but nothing is happening.. am I doing something wrong?
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    New Pokemon game coming to Wii U? A New Pokemon Stadium, perhaps? Definitely looks like Wii U, graphics are too detailed to be 3DS.
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    PSU Fantasy Football (need 3-5 more players) 50k prize So this year we're starting up a fantasy football league here on PSU. Right now we have 7 teams and still looking for another 3-5 teams. 10 or 12 teams would be ideal. winner of the league earns 50,000 sp...
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    New sig request! 15k to winner

    Hi I'd like to request a new sig. I'd like it to consist of these things: LeSean Mccoy - (football for people who don't know) Same size as my current sig Must be green and white in colors Eagles logo in there somewhere Maybe my username in there somewhere as well Surprise me! Winner gets 15k...
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    PS Vita for $120 (Pre-owned)

    For anyone who was looking for a nice price on a Vita I found somewhere selling them cheap ... It's pre-owned but you won't find a price like this anywhere
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    God of war sig/Ava request (+rep for all entries)

    Well with the new gow coming out next month, It seems I've come down with a little god of war fever. im requesting a sig/ava containing some kind of photo from the new game. Something badass looking with kratos, maybe the new logo.. Something just sick looking , be as creative as you'd like...
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    Free Mega Man 9/10 for US PS+

    So according to the PSU headlines, starting tomorrow US PS Plus will have the ability to get Mega Man 9, Mega Man 10 along with the beta for Multiplayer of God of War ascension. For me personally this is awesome because I've been meaning to get into the Mega Man franchise just never got around...
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    Sig/Ava request (red bull x2010 prototype)

    Hey guys, kinda feel like it's time for a new sig. Preferably the same size as my current sig. I would like it to consist of the Red bull x2010 prototype from GT5 with the gt logo.. possibly my user name somewhere on there too.. and maybe do something with the background. Here's the picture...
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    Playstation 3D Display

    So I saw one of these PS 3d Displays in the local game store today and was pretty impressed. It's a little small at 24 inches but the 3D aspect of the display is pretty cool. Now my question is: Did anyone pick one of these up? If so, what are your impressions? Is it big enough? I heard that...
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    Guild Wars 2

    Long time Guild Wars player , now awaiting GW2 which should be coming out sometime in early 2012 (According to the rumors) Do we have any other GW players here on PSU?
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    Pokemon Black and White Mascots revealed

    The mascots for Black and White have been revealed. The white one is Reshiram, and the black is Zekrom. ___________
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    Fallout 3 Load question

    A while back I started a file for Fallout 3. Since then it has been a few months and I just recently got all the DLC for it. So, I booted up the game and it doesn't give me the option to continue or load my old game...only gives me the option for a new game. Is this because of the DLC?
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    Call of Duty: Black Ops Thread

    I know most people aren't looking forward to a new COD game, but I love the franchise and this is great news to me.
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    Small Sig/Ava Request 1000sp + Rep

    Hello, I would like to request a signature and avatar. This will be smaller than the ones currently used on here, for it is for another site. (I just like the work you guys do on here.) I would like the size of the sig to be 400x120 and the avatar to be 64x64 As for the signature I would like...
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    MW2 Prestige Icons/Attachments/Camos

    If these were already posted and I missed it, just delete the whole thread. Thanks. 10 prestige is awesome. AND the camos and attachments:
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    Halo question

    Well I bought a Xbox 360 Elite and I wanted to play Halo but I'm not sure which to get? the original Halo 3 or ODST? I'm not sure what the difference is, other than ODST cost $20 more...Which one should I get? and which one has more people playing online? Sorry I'm new to the Xbox World. Are...
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    Uncharted 2 problem?

    So I'm having a problem with Uncharted 2. I started my game earlier and played for about an hour or so when all of sudden, the screen with black and stayed like that for a while. I pressed start, and pressed "skip cinema" and then the whole game froze causing me to restart my system. Now when...
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    DEBUNKED -----God of War: Collection pushed back??

    When I went to EBgames website I noticed the God of War collection now says 3/6/2010...I hope it really hasn't been pushed back. Hopefully it's a mistake.
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    Need sig re-sized (SP +rep)

    I would like for my current signature to be re-sized to 500 by 160 pixels or 100.0 kb. and for the text "warn1ng" to be changed to "EagleRyan" or just removed will pay 500 sp and rep
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    Michael Vick Sig/Ava 1,000 SP + rep

    Basically I want something similar to the signature I currently have. but I don't want it to be too similar. I want Michael Vick in Eagles uniform, the Eagles logo in the background and I would like it to be green. I would the like the Text "Michael Vick" and also "Philadelphia Eagles". My...