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    project morpheus GDC video. ling
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    Sony's Internal development tool creation framework is going open source.

    Got this off of neogaf with a supported link. I didn't know where to put this, hmmmm. hopefully this is fine.
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    WiiU or 3DS XL, WiiU or 3DS XL...Dammit :/

    Now, in the past on other forums when people make these kind of threads, I was always like "WTH, just pick one that looks good to you, etc etc" but now I understand why some people make these topics because now I'm having that problem. So, here's the thing that I'm stuck on. The WiiU has...
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    new Daylight footage

    This game is really getting me hyped and I didn't know about the witches o_O. This game is really getting me excited and so far I like what I've heard from this video. Got the youtube link from Gaf
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    The spirit of Sony Liverpool has returned. Looks like everything is starting to come together. I'm getting a PS1 and PS2 feeling from the PS4.
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    Reviewing multiplayer and campaign separately.

    I was wondering if PSU would ever review games that have both multiplayer and single player, but to review them separately? Still having the written reviews but having the scores separate. It wouldn't be much of a change, but for people like me that buy Battlefield 4 or other people that...
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    Gamestop is selling 1 year, $30 PS+ cards only for today.

    I guess they are still doing it, I just got one. There isn't an expiration date so for $30 I got a few. Just letting people know. This is a black friday deal so it may only be in the USA. I guess these deals could go off and on throughout the year too. Just letting some know about it...
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    Sony submits trademark for Arc the Lad. RPG's possibly making a comeback, maybe?

    just came across this and if it's possible that a new Arc the Lad hits the PS4, this is going to be awesome.
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    PS4 speed test messed up?

    I understand that is says estimate but are people getting slower speeds on the PS4 that are using wi-fi? When I do the speed test on the PS4, it says I'm getting like 100Kbps, I do it again and I'm getting 500Kbps. One time I was up to 1Mbps. I'm quite confused here and wondering if their...
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    Dashboard demo wtih twitch broadcast (previously live) Wow, this thing seems to be smooth and fast. I'm digging it. I do think they will make it so you can organize your games differently. But after watching this, I think it's pretty damn fast.
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    PS4 UI walkthrough

    Menus, friends, profile DVR, Twitch, Apps, store. Remote play
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    Retro Goodness. Mercenary Kings.

    This game is made by Tribute games, which is an indie studio. To me, this game looks to be fun and it takes me back to the NES 2D side scrolling games that I use to play. Definitely looks to be a good old school retro title. I'm actually looking forward to this game o_O...
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    Need help with Hybrid drives for PS4.

    I'm currently looking at HHDD (link below) but will it work? It's 6.0Gb/s but some other ones have 3.0Gb/s and I don't know......I just don't know since it's a console. On a PC this wouldn't be a problem but since the PS4 is a bit's the link...
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    62% of Japanese gamers want Dragon Quest on PS4. I hope that Dragon Quest comes back to the console. The last Dragon Quest game I played was on Playstation 2. I think we will get a JRPG boom on Playstation 4.
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    Xbox One cloud updates may reboot your system mid-session. Well, that could really suck. It just keeps getting worse for microsoft. I just don't see promise for this cloud system if this is one of the problems it's going to cause...
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    9 minutes of Killzone:SF

    Eurogamer... And look at the water. O_O very nice.
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    What do you think of Sony's Marketing?

    What are your thoughts on Sony's marketing and do you think they will get more aggressive after the first run of PS4's hit the shelves?
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    Dualshock 4 unboxing (how it feels review)

    Yes, it's an unboxing video but he does go into detail on how it feels.
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    Rumor: Battlefield 4 to run at 1080p Holy smokes. If this does end up being 1080p @ 60fps, that's going to be huge.
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    pushsquare: First impression of reso gun, The prettiest game on the PS4. This is a day 1 purchase for me. I really liked super stardust and this game looks to be loads of fun.