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    Making The Bus Monitor Cry (Karen Klein fundraiser)

    I didn't see this posted anywhere yet, if it has been posted this can be closed. I just stumbled upon this this morning. Basically it's 3 or 4 highschool kids harrasing the elderly bus monitor for 10 minutes. Instead of me typing it all up go watch the video (I didn't watch the whole thing as it...
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    Problem with empty dvd's

    Hey I have a problem with some empty dvd's and I hope someone can help me out here. A couple days ago I bought a ten-pack of empty Sony DVD+R's (4.7GB/120 min). I have been able to use 4 dvd's so far to burn a working dvd. (the dvd's were ISO's and VIDEO_TS folders) Now for some strange reason...
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    The WWE '12 Thread

    The roster for the new WWE game has just been announced at Summerslam Axxess so I thought it would be a fitting time to create a topic containing all the information for this game: Developer(s) Yuke's Publisher(s) THQ Series WWE Platform(s) PlayStation 3 Wii Xbox 360 Release date(s)...
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    COD BO: Annihilation (Map Pack 3)

    Maps: Hangar 18 Silo Hazard Drive-In Shangri-La (Zombie map) Trivia: The map Silo previously existed already in the game files. The Zombie Map Shangri-La may be a reference to an area of the same name in the book The Lost Horizon, they are Both Similar as they are referred to as Paradise...
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    [NBK] Natural Born Killers Clan

    Hey, I just started this clan along with fellow PSU member KAV. The name of the clan is Natural Born Killers and the clan tag is [NBK]. Right now there is just 2 of us, but we have been playing together most of the time since starting up the clan. We are currently only active on Black Ops but...
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    Got a problem and need help please!

    This is a serious topic, so serious answers only please! I think my mother is cheating on my dad. Lately she has been gone alot, saying she's "going out with friends". But the weird thing is she always comes home walking, or she's being dropped at the corner of the street. I'm finding it very...
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    COD BO: Escalation

    Didn't see this posted yet, the new map pack, 4 MP maps, 1 zombie map it looks, again, on 360 first.
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    Looking to create a clan with someone

    Hey everyone, I just left my previous clan. I've been apart of it for 2 years and I was one of the first members there, I made a clan forum for that clan, and I did alot of recruiting, it now has about 50 members (clan founder didn't want much more then that). Now I'm gone from that clan (I...
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    Your earliest memory of video gaming?

    I saw this topic on another forum and thought it was pretty cool to think about. Mine would probably be my brother getting Doom for the PS1 for his birthday, I was about 5 around that time, pretty weird that we actually got that game now that I think back seeing as it was rated M. My other...
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    Black Ops Map Pack 1

    I read this somewhere else. The first map pack is out on Feb. 1st for the 360, but it's unknown when it'll hit PSN, probably a month later I'd say. "First Strike map pack" 4 new new Multiplayer maps and 1 Zombie map 1200 msp. (about 15 dollars/euro's?) Stadium - Hockey rink. Discovery -...
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    The Official Resistance 3 Thread **GameInformer Scans in the OP!**

    I thought it'd be a good idea to start an official thread for this game as it seems info is starting to come in. We've had the leaked pictures, the Game Informer cover real, and just recently the article news concerning R3 from Game Informer. So to prevent the PS3 Games subforum from being...
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    Need help finding specific game books

    Hello, I'm not sure if I'm posting in the right subforum, but I thought I might as well post it in here. I have a fantastic book which my brother bought a couple years ago. It's called Resident Evil Archives [Umbrella's Virus Uncovered]. It's not a strategy guide, it's something way better...
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    Good 360 games?

    Hey guys, I'm thinking about picking up a 360 now that I've got a new job. I'll probably get a Slim for the Wi-fi and the big HDD. Now I have made a reasonably small list of games that interest me on the 360, but I know there's a load of games I probably never heard of but which could be very...
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    Question about language on PS1 games on PSN

    I recently downloaded Final Fantasy 9 of someones account (gameshare of course) but his FF9 is Spanish, is there a way to change the language of a PS1 game from PSN, because it's obviously unplayable for me if I can't understand what's being said or what to do in the menu.. Thanks in advance. :)
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    Need help with a new PC

    Hey, I was looking into buying a new PC, seeing as my old one is totally screwed up. I am not that good with all the PC specs so I was wondering if this is a decent PC? I mainly want to use it for internet, music, watching movie's and doing homework. However it'd be great if I could play some...
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    1st sig request in almost 2 years

    Hey sig-makers. I'd like to request a new sig. My previous request for a sig was on June 22nd so that's almost 2 years ago, so I think it's time for a new one. My ideal sig would be my current sig but with the R2 logo updated to the R3 logo. Maybe it's possible to remove the "esistance" part...
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    Need help with COD WAW "Blue Ribbon" Trophy

    Hey guys, I wanted to know if there are 3 people who could help me with the Blue Ribbon trophy from COD World at War. Blue Ribbon Trophy: Complete a 4-player Competitive Co-Op match in 1st place. (Online co-op Only) It might sound easy but when you keep paired up with people who are quite...
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    Insomniac: Fans believe Resistance 2 'was a failure'

    I didn't see this posted yet.. I thought RFOM was a great game, the online was awesome and the campaign was great too. Resistance 2 was a very good game too imo. But the online just wasn't the same. The Co-op was a cool feature but I missed the campaign splitscreen.
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    How to get my disc out of my YLOD'ed PS3

    Heey guys, My 60Gb PS3 got the YLOD of death last week. Sony is asking me 200 euros to repair it, while getting a brand new slim is 100 euros more. So I'm thinking of selling my PS3. But my problem is Call of Duty World at War is still stuck in my PS3, and I really want it back. How do I get it...
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    Free Space Issue?

    Heey guys, Today I tried downloading the Batman demo. It's 1.4GB. It said I didn't have enough free space. I was like hm? I thought I had enough? So I went to the Videos section and clicked on one so I could see how much free space I had. Turns out I still had 2.2GB free space, more than I need...