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    Issue with PS4?

    So i'm trying to setup my PS4 and I get to the point where it says connect the controller with the USB cord then hit the PS button. I'm plugging it in and doing this but nothing is happening.. am I doing something wrong?
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    Say what you will about GameStop

    They still give next to nothing for trade ins but I was in there yesterday and they have some nice deals going on like buy 2 pre owned games get 1 free and buy 2 games for only $10 ... really good games too.. ps3, 360, etc.
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    Say what you will about GameStop

    Used to despise Gamestop but over the last 2 years I've been going there more often because of some of their trade in offers and the power rewards system amongst other things..
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    New Pokemon game coming to Wii U? A New Pokemon Stadium, perhaps? Definitely looks like Wii U, graphics are too detailed to be 3DS.
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    PSU Fantasy Football (need 3-5 more players) 50k prize So this year we're starting up a fantasy football league here on PSU. Right now we have 7 teams and still looking for another 3-5 teams. 10 or 12 teams would be ideal. winner of the league earns 50,000 sp...
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    Killzone: Mercenary multiplayer footage escapes beta

    Great looking Killzone games on their way to the ps4 and vita. If I had a vita this would be a no brainer.
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    New sig request! 15k to winner

    Hi I'd like to request a new sig. I'd like it to consist of these things: LeSean Mccoy - (football for people who don't know) Same size as my current sig Must be green and white in colors Eagles logo in there somewhere Maybe my username in there somewhere as well Surprise me! Winner gets 15k...
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    Black Ops: Declassified

    My brother has it on his vita. He said its decent but he doesn't like the controls very much.
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    PS Vita for $120 (Pre-owned)

    Yeah I know I'm debating whether to get one since I haven't yet.
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    PS Vita for $120 (Pre-owned)

    For anyone who was looking for a nice price on a Vita I found somewhere selling them cheap ... It's pre-owned but you won't find a price like this anywhere
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    Sony will not price cut vita outside of japan

    Damnit. Guess I'll have to wait even longer before I pick up a Vita.
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    PS4 and vita

    Wouldn't mind that at all . I love being able to watch tv while also playing my wii u on the gamepad at the same time.
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    New Ice Silver PS Vita! And new price drop in Japan

    Now I'm kinda happy that I've waited to get a vita now ill probably end up getting the silver one. after a US price drop, of course :)
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    Sony Japan hosting PS Vita news broadcast tomorrow

    I hope so.. I need to get my paws on a Vita. That silver one sounds sweet.
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    Sony Japan hosting PS Vita news broadcast tomorrow

    The price drop only in Japan ? Or everywhere?
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    ninja gaiden sigma

    I got this back when I bought my original ps3. I'm a fan of the ninja gaiden franchise so I definitely enjoyed it. Its very tough to beat so just be ready for a challenge.
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    Gran Turismo Vita?

    Wow that would be amazing
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    I ordered the vita i will have it this friday

    Wow that's some fast shipping :lol: That's awesome bro. Let us know your impressions.