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  1. Varsh

    PSU Unchained live shows

    For the last couple of Unchained podcasts we have aired them live initially on Twitch and then on YouTube. After being told that the video feed was buffering less on YouTube I have decided to stream the podcast on YouTube from now on. During the podcast you will obviously hear our voices...
  2. Varsh

    The AbleGamers Charity stream today!

    In case some of you don't know, there is an event from us at PSU starting in just over 5 hours time. For those that haven't seen the announcement yet then this is it:
  3. Varsh

    Turning a dead PS3 into a media centre

    Lately I've been clearing out all of the rubbish that I own and I came across my old PS3 that died back in 2009. As I now own two Raspberry Pi's, I thought that an idea would be to gut out the entire PS3 and put in a Raspberry Pi Model B+ and possibly use the PSU, Caddy, and the Blu-ray player...
  4. Varsh

    Someone tried to scam me, with mega successless!

    "hello, this is, err, B...T... on the phone. We have seen that... some bad data has been downloaded on your line, I think it was Malware and Spyware. Can you go to your computer and turn it on please so I can run some checks?" With an American accent (fake British accent by a long shot) and...
  5. Varsh

    BBC Three to livestream League of Legends World Championships

    So who's looking forward to next week's live championship stream of LoL on the Beebs? Source - Eurogamer
  6. Varsh

    [Review] Thrustmaster T300RS and T3PA Pro Pedals

    After a good 8 days of testing, I finally got around to completing the review of the set I want to hold onto dear life with but unfortunately that's not going to happen. Either way here's the review for all of you guys to check out if you're interested in getting a steering wheel for the PS4. As...
  7. Varsh

    Got a new job!

    While this isn't anything new and everyone gets jobs all the time, I just want to say that I have just landed a job with a Games Company that I can't mention yet. But all I can say is that I'm totally ecstatic and I've finally got the dream I've been yearning for my whole life - a stable job in...
  8. Varsh

    GOG Galaxy for all!

    It was going to come sooner or later and this morning they finally released a patch for the Alpha Galaxy participants (like myself) and upgraded our featureless Galaxy client to the latest Beta Galaxy client and they have now added in a friends list and chat. As Galaxy already features game time...
  9. Varsh

    [OT] Formula Fusion - Kickstarter away! (Wipeout Devs) - PS4 version confirmed!

    Formula Fusion Release Date: March 2016 projected Developer: R8 Games Publisher: R8 Games Price: £20 estimated at release Genres: Racing, Arcade, Anti-Gravity Platforms: PC, Playstation 4 and Xbox One if the Kickstarter reaches a certain goal. Official Site: Kickstarter...
  10. Varsh

    Japan Trip Thread

    Konnichiwa Toukyou kara. Hello from Tokyo! I'm finally here, well on the train heading into Tokyo from the station anyway. Unfortunately it's super foggy so I can barely see anything past 300 metres in front of me. Hopefully the forecast will be better for tomorrow. It's 11:30 now so I can't...
  11. Varsh

    Consoles are better than PCs. Fact!

    You heard it here, from Lauren! p.s. make sure to watch the whole video. :snicker
  12. Varsh

    Anyone living in or around Tokyo?

    Seeing as in 3 days time I will be jetting my way all the way to Japan, I thought it might be nice to meet anyone if they just happen to live close by. I'm putting my final itinerary together now and so far I have a lot to see! Of course I am planning to get lost on my relaxing days so exploring...
  13. Varsh

    Varsh's Creative Corner

    As I am currently in a really big creative mood lately, I have been putting together lots of mods for other games. So far I have done one which I feel is completed though there are many that are also incomplete. What I will do is add the ones that I have completed and are going to keep working...
  14. Varsh

    PlayStation Mobile will cease to distribute content after 15 July 2015

    This doesn't really affect me but to whomever it does then I'd recommend downloading everything before you no longer can.
  15. Varsh

    Top Gear is not being shown this Sunday

    It seems like Jeremy Clarkson is again at it, this time he's suspended pending further investigation after a "fracas" with the Top Gear producer. Bloody idiot! Source:
  16. Varsh

    Homeworld Remastered: Collector's Edition. It's stunning!

    I never thought that this box looked great at some of the unboxing videos around the net but goodness me, in person the box is stunning, it is so well crafted. When opening it you could just tell how much love has been put into not only this CE but Homeworld as a whole. I've put up some...
  17. Varsh

    Weekly Art Challenges

    After seeing some people's art on these forums, it has got me thinking that for those that are also arty and want to get back into art (or are already really good at art) may want to try something a little different. Each Sunday I will be issuing a different challenge for everyone to interpret...
  18. Varsh

    Ferrari's futuristic F1 concept

    I have to say that this looks absolutely stunning and I love the design and flow of the car that they've put into it. When Red Bull did their closed cockpit F1 car for Gran Turismo I thought it looked spectacular, but this looks so much more futuristic and stunning. Apparently both Red Bull and...
  19. Varsh

    Migration test on home server successful!

    Just to keep everyone informed about what's happening with the migration process of vBulletin to IPB, so far everything seems to be working as intended! After taking the forum data I imported the forum database into my home server and then went ahead with a test migration. For those that were...
  20. Varsh

    Can you pronounce these UK place names?

    I must admit that talking to many people on the internet (and in person from foreign countries - including my dad lol) over the years it is just really strange how no one can seem to get these right unless you're from here in general. So without further ado let's see if you got any of these...