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    Since when is cursing allowed on these forums?

    lately I've seen posts on the forums containing "F" words and so on. What happened to the swear filter? Are these forums being ran by little kids now? Whats the deal?
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    Netflix new update

    I just downloaded an update to netflix on the psn. Anybody know what this is about?
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    Modern Warfare 3 speculation

    ps3forlife82 might be on to something; No modern warfare 3 next year, but Sledgehammer games are making the next installment of the Call of Duty series and it will be set in the future. Not sure how credible this...
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    60 gig Launch ps3 dead? HELP!

    So I'm playing mw2.... All of a sudden, my ps3 cuts off completely! weird... i thought it was a power outage in my house, but my room light is still on, and my tv is on as well... I try turning on my console. It will turn on for a second then turn off and starts blinking red. I unplugged and...
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    NBA 2K10 Online Help

    I need this answered right quick! I'm trying to go online in NBA 2k10 to have a quick match with a buddy of mine. It keeps saying I can't get online and to check my network settings. I don't understand, I'm connected to my psn and my internet is connection is full. Is there an issue with NBA...
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    Custom tracks on psn?

    My first thread ever! anyway, I never got any news about this. I recently popped in the new Smackdown vs. Raw game and I noticed in the create a wrestler option, you can add your very own music from your harddrive for your created wrestler's intro! I've been out of the loop for a while, and...