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  1. J

    Battlefield 2042 | Exodus Short Film

    Looks interesting. I thing cod is doing something similar. I'm not gonna lie, if this harks back to battlefield style maps with fully deformable buildings etc, i'm so fuckin in. 😄
  2. J

    [OT] What PS5 Games Are You Looking Forward To in 2021-2022?

    Got my playstation 5 about a week ago. First thing i did, purchase returnal. Then purchase a glass skin. About 7 hours play into returnal. Like it alot. Quite easy to avoid multiple enemys with how fluid the controls are.
  3. J

    Friday the 13th - bring your daughter to her slaughter

    So...friday the 13th the game has been out a few days now. initially, the servers were overloaded, lots of login errors followed. The team (gun) worked to fix them, by upscaling, and now it seems to be fine, with exception of some prolonged waiting time to jump into a match. This game is way...
  4. J

    Why PS Vita was a no-show at E3 2016 (you've heard this one before, trust me)

    i knew it was only a matter of time before the vita was killed off. lovely hardware, was just entirely the wrong time to release a handheld vs mobiles etc. glad i never bought one...
  5. J

    Play Expo 10- 12 october

    didnt know this was on til this morning so thought i'd pop this here..just in case a few folk can attend. near me so gonna go ahead and have a butchers...
  6. J

    Are games good for depression? These last two months, I have been off work with anxiety and, I gamed myself to death and it really helped me...the different story's, engagement, chattin to people whilst playin...its hard to explain...what are your thoughts?
  7. J

    Gravity game app

    Just a heads up. Curious if anyones given this weird little game ago? I quite enjoyed it and have yet to finish it...just wanted your thoughts..
  8. J

    New Far Cry in 2014 Sent from my Nexus 7 using Tapatalk
  9. J

    Mobile photo maker otm

    Just curious most of us use reasonably advanced mobiles, if its worth doing a type of 'photo of the month' type thing. There are quite alot of mobile editing apps etc that are quite capable and as everybody has varying degree's in editing there photo's...I use something called 'stick...
  10. J

    Garbage pail kids

    Anybody remember these? I use to have shitloads of em back in the day...loved em them...still love em now...ace..
  11. J

    Uk ps4 rentals

    Anybody use a rental service? Lookin to rent ps4 bit of cash...idea's...rather ask here than roll through google searches...peeps know what they are talkin about here lol.
  12. J

    Do you think PS Now will boost Vita Sales?

    I think it will boost sales of the vita for a while, before slipping away back down to lower sales. Poeple are still skint...apart from those who get all their shit via their parents wallet.
  13. J

    Say what you will about GameStop

    I love going to gamestop near times square every time i am in nyc and chatting shit with xbox hardcor3 behind the counter...good guys.
  14. J

    Rumor: New Vita, larger screen, twice the RAM, pre TGS reveal

    I say it's just doesn't make sense unless sony wanna piss off already loyal vita owners and piss more money up the wall.
  15. J

    Vita is dead - Pachter places finger of doom on Sony's handheld

    I feared this would happen...hence why i didn't buy one. Shame, as the hardware is lovely...not that its dead yet. I do hope it survives and grows... Sent from my GT-I9505 using Tapatalk 2
  16. J

    Sony expects worsening handheld business

    Whats the vita install base so far?
  17. J

    Gonna get a vita hopefully!

    Totally. Like i said, its a crackin but of kit. I hope i am wrong when i say i don't think its gonna suceed...
  18. J

    Gonna get a vita hopefully!

    I'd be worried...lovely bit of kit, but somehow i don't think its goin to be a success unfortunately.
  19. J

    Silk road....

    A link with a pic was sent to my email today...i think the pic speaks volumes. I was surprised, almost shocked to see how blatant it is. Apparently, the site makes over 1.2 million a month. Worse thing is, you can buy literally anything on there...has its own currency (bitcoins) this...
  20. J

    Beat Hazard Ultra

    Took a chance on this game few days back...glad i did. Cost £2.30 from google store. Here are few screenies and description. Well worth the money in my opinion. Gameplay levels revolve around the length of your music track, so levels finish when your track does. This game can look pretty fuckin...