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    PlayStation Universe's 'Let's Play...' - Your Input Needed

    As many of you know, PlayStation Universe is currently undergoing a few changes to keep up with everyone as we enter in to a new generation of consoles. One of our goals is to ensure that the PSU community remains as active as ever, keeping veteran members amongst us while bringing in a wave...
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    Strange loading issue?

    OK, so whenever I try to open this thread, my browser enters into what appears to be an endless loading cycle. It will go on for about five or so minutes and then stop, and then present me with a bizarre error page. The error message I get is as follows: Is anyone else getting this or is it...
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    Well, shit just got real.

    Last night, I created a Facebook page out of boredom. Within minutes, it had 100 likes. Within an hour, it had 1000. By the end of the night, it had 5600. People all over Facebook were talking about my page - but not all of it was good. It was a twist on the recent 'Spotted' trend on Facebook...
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    Bombs detonated in Boston UPDATE: One Suspect Killed, One Captured

    The marathon is going on. Two loud bangs and explosion then screaming. Race has stopped. Sirens everywhere. Crazy stuff.
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    PSU Anonymous Confessions Thread

    Saw this on another site, thought I'd give it a go here. How? Send your confessions to [email protected] I will check it two or three times a week and post whatever's there in this thread. You can look for anonymous emailers if you so wish. There must be one. I won't post email...
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    Your worst experience/encounter with someone else's fetish?

    Shamelessly stolen from NeoGAF but do I have any fucks to give? Nope, none at all. Fetishes are a lot like superpowers. Some develop over time, others come into being after a freak occurrence. Like superpowers, some use them for good, find those with ones that compliment their own and work as...
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    Source Filmmaker Beta Anyone else got this and/or given it a go? I've been tinkering around with it for a few days now and it's pretty fun to use, and easy to navigate. I was thinking we could use this thread to discuss it and share our works of art. Here's one I did...
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    Trouble connecting PS3?

    I recently purchased a Netgear Wireless D/G/N 1000 N150 Modem Router and it works brilliantly on my laptop and iPhone, but not so much on my PS3. My modem/router is situated downstairs in the lobby and my PS3, obviously, is upstairs in my bedroom. I can connect my laptop and iPhone to the router...
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    So, I was in my garden... ...and that happened.
  10. J

    Um, what...?

    Now, it's not often I post in the Xbox 360 subforum but, well, this is something I consider an exception.
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    Merry Christmas, PSU!

    No, no, I'm not back, just thought I'd drop by to wish everyone merry Christmas and a happy new year. Life has been pretty manic since I left and it's set to get madder. That's a good thing though. I'm loving every moment of it and I look forward to what awaits me in 2012. I hope you're all...
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    Sig & Avatar Request (10,000SP + rep)

    I had to reformat my laptop so lost all the signatures/avatars people have made for me and I'm thinking it's time for a new set. I come to the good people of PSU to help me. It's a multiple choice one as I can't quite make up my mind about what I want. So you can choose between: Uncharted 3...
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    So, the weirdest thing just happened...

    I was playing a game on my PS3, as you do, and something happened in the game that scared me shitless. It came out of nowhere and it all happened rather fast - the whole thing took me surprise. The weird thing is the game I was playing wasn't a horror/survival game and the thing that scared me...
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    Gears of War 3 'Dust to Dust' Trailer Epic sure do know how to do trailers.
  15. J

    Google redirect problem - help?

    Everytime I try to perform a Google search, I get redirected to some page called webplains. It's really annoying and I can't Google the answer as, well, it just redirects me. Help?
  16. J

    'The next evolution for PlayStation Home..."

    Source (inc. pics) Sounds promising but can Sony really pull this off?
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    How much do you tip in restaurants?

    So, when you guys go out to a restaurant - be it a fancy date or a casual family meal - how much do you think is an acceptable amount to tip the waiter or waitress? I only ask because I was in a restaurant today eating lunch with some friends and, being the generous soul I am, I decided I'd...
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    What PS2 games would you like to see remade in HD/3D?

    It's becoming a fast-growing trend amongst developers and it's clear to see that we're far from seeing the end of it. I am, of course, talking about the recent release of several last-generation classics updated to fit in with the high-definition crowd. Tomb Raider, Splinter Cell and God of War...
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    FAR CRY 3 | Official Thread | Did I ever tell you the definition of insanity?

    Far Cry 3, sequel to Far Cry and Far Cry 2, was announced recently at the E3 2011 conference. There is very little discussion regarding the game and, frankly, I won't stand for that. I was a big fan of the first two games and, honestly, Far Cry 3 looks absolutely amazing. I figured I'd create an...
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    Did he rape her? Or was she lying?

    The following is a fictional scenario. What do you guys think?