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  1. Xraein

    Animal Marriage

    So, what do you think? yay or nay for me it's a BIG NAY. Seriously what's wrong with people these days? a story I heard about this topic was a girl married her dog, which is not something new.. so, can someone explain to me what is point of such marriage? why marry an animal, and even...
  2. Xraein

    Eat Me OR Do I Eat Yours?

    :rolleyes: If someone under cooks your food at a restaurant do you: A) Eat it anyway, without saying a word. B) Leave it on your plate, & refuse to tip the waiter/waitress? C) Ask the waiter/waitress to have the cook replace the food item with a freshly redone item :o:-)
  3. Xraein


    So what do you do to entertain yourself? I did all my favorite things and still bored wahhh Time is so slow for meh
  4. Xraein

    Facial Hair, Like It Or Hate It?

    I like it <3 I prefer men with beard and mustache to shaved face. Facial hair on men get my attention lol honestly:p
  5. Xraein

    What Do You Hate The Most?

    Being ignored! Serisouly if you ignore me i will just HAte u Spiders yuck.. I hate them!I don't understand why do people get them as pe? Eww sick And waking up in the morning ! God i really love my pillow ;( *cris*I hate my job because of this ;_;
  6. Xraein

    Walking Dead 2

    So i searched the forums and there is no WD2 thread! IM SHOCKED @@ anyway they're going to release season 2 this year..still no screenshots, only some informations but i want to know what do you think about it? post your thoughts
  7. Xraein

    What's your cell phone?

    Heey i'm not asking for your number lol just what kind of cell phone do you have?Mine is iphone 4g it's cool but i hate the fact that the battery dies in less than 2 hours, grrrr fix it apple! D:
  8. Xraein

    PS3 Turns Off

    Howdy all I have a problem with my PS3 console, it turns itself off while loading a game. I get the beep sound and then the red flashing light? umm so anyone can tell me what is the problem? I think I saw the yellow light x.X some people say it's the light of death! aww what to do ;[
  9. Xraein

    FFXIII Genji Glove

    Yeah I don't know where to ask this but I got the Genji Glove after I beat Attacus (the mean Cieth)! I hate him! :evil: Killing him was a miracles. Anyway the stuff said it's able to deal more than 99,999 damage. I upgraded it, used it and nothing happened? so what! does the 999999 damage...
  10. Xraein


    No for me. I hate smoking especially the smell! it gives me headache. >.< I hate it when someone smokes near me, some smokers don't have respect for others especially sick old people or kids. God.. really how to you stand all the smell crap whatever.
  11. Xraein

    FFVIII Remake

    I always hear stuff about remakin' FFVII and it seems most of the people want it, but why not FFVIII? I wish Square remake it~ meh or at least make a movie. Your thoughts FF players!
  12. Xraein

    Favourite Endings

    U2 & MGS4 endings are my favourite. They're so cool, don't worry.. no spoilers. :rolleyes:
  13. Xraein

    Second Chance

    So do you think everyone deserves a second chance no matter what did they do? For example, when criminal people go to jail for the crimes they do or whatever, do you think they deserve another chance to be forgiven and live a normal life etc? Your thoughts. Edit: fixed the typo. :P
  14. Xraein

    FFVIII Favourite Garden

    Balamb Garden for me, duh, it's the best.
  15. Xraein

    City Or Countryside

    I like City more, there are alot of things to do. Countryside is okay when I think I want to have a break.
  16. Xraein

    Avatar Resize Request

    Hey I'd like to use this avatar but its size is 26K and it won't upload on forums. I don't know how to make it smaller than 26k. If you do know, do it. Thanks in advance.
  17. Xraein

    X' Showcase

    Okay.. I'm showing you some of my work. Most of 'em are old, it been a while since I made something... Please tell me what do you think honestly. :blush2
  18. Xraein

    Blood Type

    Just wondering. :crazy2
  19. Xraein

    How Long Have You Been Using The Internet?

    5 years for me. I R an expert. :rolleyes:
  20. Xraein

    What Makes You Replay A Game?

    I do it to get trophies and or to kill boredom.