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    9 Qualities of Remarkable Entrepreneurs (short but excellent article)

    Thought I post this up, especially for the younger members who are just getting their feet wet in business, or who have aspirations of some kind of entrepreneurial future :)
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    Facebook acquires Instagram for ...

    ... One. Billion. Dollars.
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    My long tale of Sony TVs, failures, warranties, replacements, nice ending ...

    We have a Sony 50WE655, built in Oct ’04, purchased around Jan/Feb ’05. Extended 3 year warranty (it’s a 50” RP 720P set, pretty basic TV, HDMI port). We had one lamp replaced under warranty, but shortly after the warranty expired we started getting a blue bar across the bottom, about 3” high...
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    Amazon Kindle Fire $199 Android Tab, $79 Kindle "basic", $99 Kindle Touch!

    I'm +amazed+ this hasn't been a thread in here yet. Just making a starting point ... discuss !
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    Microsoft Acquires Skype Interesting move. I know Skype had been "On the table" for a couple of years, but I thought MS's interest came and went. I *believe* Skype has the largest installed user base of any [mobile]...
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    Amazon Cloud Drive (with MP3/Cloud music)

    Amazon has joined everybody-and-their-uncle in the cloud storage market. Currently giving out 5GB (I was invited while ordering coffee :lol:). Typical drill: docs, MP3, videos, etc., folders, a web and [so far] an Android client. They also have a web based music player (and again, and...
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    AT&T agrees to buy T-Mobile USA from Deutsche Telekom for $39 billion
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    Muse fans and Developers!

    I thought this was pretty neat. Muse is holding a contest to develop a mobile app for them, for updates, fan broadcasts, social media integration, etc. The winner has their app used, tickets to a show, and there's a few interesting things for the runners up. It's on their official site...
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    US People: Labor Day! Extra _long_ weekend[!?]

    Any of the private sector folks have labor day off? Most of my current clients are Federal, so they're off, I'm off :D I just cooked - 7+ hours baby! - the most glorious brisket (it's currently resting for about an hour)! Fully stocked on Sammy's Octoberfest, some micros and other misc...
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    Notebook Shopping: ++long++ battery life, ~12-13", solid CPU, discreet GPU needed!

    The Wifey's netbook isn't really doing it for her anymore, so I'm going to ditch it (probably just store it for now) and replace it. Per the title, I need: +long++ battery life, ~12-13", solid CPU, discreet GPU - a dual mode/switching GPU seems pretty slick. Long in terms of battery life...
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    Tired Gay succumbs to Dix in 200 meters

    I usually don't post random internet funnies (since we could easily post 1000's a day), but since this is a REAL headline....
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    New Harry Potter area in Universal [Orlando] Islands of Adventure

    (Mods, wasn't sure if this should be in the entertainment sub-area?) We stayed down at Universal Fri/Sat (the Portofino) for a little break and the Harry Potter area is about 2 weeks away from opening so it looked pretty complete! For those that don't know, Universal has the Studios (movie...
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    How A $500 Craigslist Car Beat $400K Rally Racers

    Awesome. Long read, lots of videos, etc.
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    Series Premier: Justified (on FX)

    Starring Timothy Olyphant (from Deadwood among other things, where he was _amazing_) and based on a story and character from Elmore Leonard. Pretty rave reviews so far from sources like Time, TV Guide, the NYT and LAT, etc. 10pm tonight! After L O S T :) More here at the FX site...
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    Actor Corey Haim dead at 38 We were just watching Lost Boys the other night and talking about "The Coreys" too. Sad, so many child actors fall into bad habits, their career's tank, and the resulting mix...
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    EPM/AC Transit Video Followup Interview

    Note to mods: I'm not sure if the content itself was trashed or because of the direction of the posts, so please feel free to toss this as well (I wouldn't blame you for being concerned it will take the same course...). ***WARNING*** NSFW audio content! YouTube- Epic Beard Man...
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    Rolex 24 at Daytona

    Anybody going this year? The Wifey© and I will be there! Always a great time (she got me[us] passes, pit access and a killer suite for a Christmas present).
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    Car Audio Thread V1.0 (rev. A)

    :D Anyway... Figured a general discussion thread about car audio would be fun. I'd like to keep it to Q&A, your actual installs, new products, etc., and not just a barrage of pictures of anonymous cars from the interwebz. :lol:
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    Handy/Slick WM App for Internet Access

    Howdy! I've been tethering my 8525/8529 (Tilt) for years now and it's always worked pretty outstanding. The built-in WM app (Internet Sharing) for accessing the 'net through the phone is either via a USB connection or BT (using a PAN service). Works very well and with BT you can...
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    PC Case by Thermaltake and BMW Design Works! Wow!

    It's ridiculous and pricey but an incredible piece of industrial design. Full Article: