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    Fantasy football league -

    1123232-397462 The code to join boys, get involved and good luck everyone.
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    MGS Hd collection.

    Anyone invest in this? Believe it has just come out in Europe. Heard it had online too can anyone confirm if it's worth buying? Cheers.
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    Do you have what it takes to join the Swedish army?

    Do you have what it takes to join the swedish army? I always get some God damn retard who doesn't know what they are doing :( :lol:
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    Ginger kids parents apoligise

    YouTube- Apology for our "ginger" son, Michael (Copper Cab) :lol:
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    Do gingers have souls?

    Hello, stumbled across this on the internet. (This isn't meant to offend those forum members with red hair) YouTube- ATTENTION HATERS!! ...oh dear, then I found this remix someone made YouTube- Grand Theft Auto IV: Gingers Do Have Souls!! Trailer [HD] :lol: i'll repeat this isn't to offend...
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    Sig request

    Hey, could I possibly have a sig with these photo Could it possibly have Michael Cole in the middle and the other 2 either side of him holding there trophies :D if possible + rep for you :D
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    R.i.p ps3

    Hey, I just got the YLOD, was wandering who I have to call to get it fixed and wandering if anyone knows if there is anyway I can con them into gettin me it for free lol :(:(:(:(:( This has officially been a bad x mas :( I need a hug..
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    Avatar request =)

    Hey I have no idea how this works any one fancy making me a sig with maybe a man united logo with 'yourmumsface17' next to it ? :) if not then dw lol thanks =)
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    official PSThree fifa 10 team thread

    Hello, As alot of you know there are 2 teams on this forum to play fifa Be a pro team mode on this forum (due to the high demand ;)) and thought I would take it upon myself to make the thread for our team :p I would firstly like to offer a truce to PSU and say good luck to them and I will be...
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    Home Wedding?

    YouTube - The wedding of welly-uk and yourmumsface17 (the snowman) on Playstation Home dunno if this has been posted but i stumbled across this vid on you tube.. is this thing real?! damn funny vid though
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    Super acrobatic team

    Hello, me and some friends are tryin to make a team on the super acrobatic car game thing, and ive made a team for them to join and i send them invite, but we have no idea how to accept it, help would be appreciated.. any ideas?
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    Home revision

    Hello just thought i'd like to discuss other uses for home, me and my friend have been on it recently studying for are Law exam, it is quite a usefool tool for revision, quizzing each other on various bits of law. Any of you have any unusual uses for home?
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    FM Players

    Hey I havn't seen a thread on this. Anyone know any good young FM players? Im doing pretty damn well as Man United but you know good players are good players. So I thought we could post good signings on this thread..i'll get the ball rolling Henri Saivet a good winger/ striker wont cost...