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  1. NYFAN75

    Anyone getting Error Codes 80710B36

    Just tried logging in for the first time in months since my wife actually decided she wanted to play something (nearly gave me a heart attack). So have been trying to log in since last night and keep getting this error code 80710B36. Looked it up and something with PSN. I know Sony has been...
  2. NYFAN75

    Spec OPs: The line Any info???

    I was searching for some info last night and couldn't really find anything new. So I was wondering if any of our insider :cough: SikTh:cough would have anything to report.. I don't think it got canceled as I didn't see anything on that as well...
  3. NYFAN75

    This is getting ridiculous!!!

    Why is just about everytime I click on a thread I get these damn pop up ad's??? I mean ever 2 out of 3 threads this happens.... I know there is a skip this ad button but it is still annoying none the less.. I understand you make money from the ad's but COME ON!!!!
  4. NYFAN75

    Get your Shave on...

    May have to buy some new shave gel...;)
  5. NYFAN75

    N. Korea Threatens South Korea/US

    Looks like S*** is getting serious...:(
  6. NYFAN75

    Rumor: NGP to be called PS Vita, will launch with Uncharted: Golden Abyss

    So I was sitting around today and I started thinking if SONY does not actually call the NGP the PSP2 what should they name it??? I was thinking something like NOMAD or GYPSY ( I know this one is weak but hey :lol: ) What are your thoughts???
  7. NYFAN75

    Here's another one that needs to leave the gene pool

    I hope they catch this *******... Story
  8. NYFAN75

    Do you want GoW Chains of Olympus FREE!!!!

    FORCEDME HAS WON!!! Contest over....:cool: Ok heres the deal... My lovely wife got me the new GoW PSP Bundle that came with a voucher to download Chains of Olympus for free. Since I already have the hard disc version I figured I would just give it to someone for free.. (Aren't I just the...
  9. NYFAN75

    Trying to open my PS3

    Ok so I am trying to open up my PS3 to clean it out and put on the new thermal paste and all that fun stuff just to be stopped in my tracks on the very first screw... Apparently after all the reading I have done on the subject and watched countless videos everyone failed to mention that the...
  10. NYFAN75

    WARHAWK 29.99 Limited time

    Well just got this in my e-mail and if you are on the bubble about getting one of the best games out there well here is your chance. SONY has it on sale right now online for $29.99. I believe it is U.S. only though. Here is the link...
  11. NYFAN75

    WarHawk help please!!!

    OK is there something I can do about the head set that came with it?? I mean it seems like everytime I exit a game and go to another one it get's disconnected. Is there away to get it hooked up without quiting the game completely and have to go to the accesaries (sp) menu to get hooked back...
  12. NYFAN75


    Well to all of you who have read in some of my post's that I have been working on getting a PS3... Well that day has come I am now playing beyond with my brand new 80gb and it is GREAT!!!!. My PSN id is NYFAN75 for those who cares. I am just having some trouble getting it online.. Right now I...
  13. NYFAN75

    Anyone else having this problem???

    MODS go ahead and close this please cause I am an idiot and do not know anything
  14. NYFAN75

    So what were these Capcom Annoucements???

    OK did I miss something or didn't Capcom say they had several major announcement's for everyone at TGS this year???
  15. NYFAN75

    Syphon Filter Free Demo!!!!!!

    Hey I just got an e-mail from the PS Underground and it gave me a free demo for Syphon Filter Logan's Shadow. I will provide the link and hopefully it will work. Good Luck... It's a chance to get one....
  16. NYFAN75

    Just Wondering???

    I was just wondering if anyone got their God of War Chains of Olympus demo yet?? I signed up for it and the site said I would get one but haven't seen it yet. So like I asked earlier if anyone got it yet??
  17. NYFAN75

    Looks like the US GOV. will have more ammo.

    Just read this story and it looks like it will fuel the fire for video game law's. When will people learn that it is the parents responsibilty to govern what there children will do and not the Government's???
  18. NYFAN75

    GoW 2 video

    Hey if you are into God of War I just found the trailer for GOW 2. Enjoy
  19. NYFAN75

    What if GTA 4 was a release title??

    In my opinion I think with the rumors of HALO 3 coming out the same day as the PS3 it smart of SONY to keep thing hush hush for so long.... But what if they were able to get ROCKSTAR'S GTA 4 as a release title??? I think it would kill MS's plan for HALO 3 :twisted: :lol: