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    DMC4 Nero's Father

    I realize this thread is waaaaay old considering how long the game has been out, but i'm replaying DMC3 and it reminded me of this agonizing question i had from 4. What the fuck is with Nero?!?! >>>>>SPOILERS<<<<<< We know from Sanctus that the blood of Sparda was required to awaken the...
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    Magic Mike (oh baby)

    Aight. Have you guys all heard about this movie Magic Mike? if not, its basically porn for women. Movie about stripper dudes...fill in the blanks. The thing that has me so disturbed about this movie is all of my female coworkers have become drooling horny school girls. Couple this with the...
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    Internet Speeds.

    Hey folks. i wanted to get some input on internet speeds. Basically i am with comcast and i am paying for 12mbs speeds. in every speed test i've done, i know my speeds cap out around 5mbs. I know it is not reasonable to expect 12mbs all the time, but to consistently test at less than half...
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    Laptop suggestions

    Hey folks. lets cut to the chase. my laptop (a dell from 2007) is entirely finished. Its barely functional and quite honestly outdated. I began searching for laptops a couple weeks ago and quite honestly i was astounded how much things have moved along technology wise, but this poor old...
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    How to Stay Cool in Summer

    Okay... we have had an incredilu warm spring. Normally we are in the 50s right now but for the pas couple days we've been in the mid 80s. We do get up to mid ninties and sometimes triple digest in summer and I want to know how to keep cool in the house without AC. I'm trying to save money and...
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    anyone disappointed??

    seconded. I keep seeing commercials for it now and it kills me. Got car insurance before i can buy anything else.
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    Dark Souls Lore **Spoilers Contained**

    I wanted to create a thread designed to suss out all the rich lore in Dark Souls. Unlike almost every game out there, the Dark Souls story is very subtle in the sense it never directly tells you the story line. It is up to the players to investigate and piece together the story. Unfortunatly...
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    To be Human

    I know this is a heavy subject, but i have confidence in several members to be able to hold a mature and robust conversation on the subject. I'm just very curious on this subject ever since I began studying political philosophy. What does it mean to be human? What is humanity? What makes...
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    5,000 SP for Sig/Avy Combo

    hey guys, i want to change up my sig/avatar to reflect one of my favorite artists/albums Ziltoid the Omniscient by Devin Townsend. I'm offering 5k SP so i want something pretty cool looking. Ideally, i want Ziltoid as the avatar and something creative with the signature. I'm open to your...
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    US Peace Talks with Taliban

    http:// I wanted to get everybody's opinion on the Us opening up talks with the Taliban. I honestly cannot believe it. If you need any more proof that Obama is just...
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    Sleeper Titles that Should Have Been Hits

    I wanted to start this thread so members could get ideas for great games that never were popular. There are some tremenduos games out there that never really took off. Name the game and give your review on why you think its a great game. The game i though was great that never got the...
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    Skyrim V. Dark Souls

    There was a thread a while back promoting the idea that Dark Souls was superior to Skyrim. I was originally so impressed with Dark Souls, i was inclined to believe this. Now that i've had time to play both games, i wanted to offer my opinion on this matter in more detail. This is just the...
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    Heyek Vs. Keynes

    Granted this is a rap battle, but the people invovled sum up the positions pretty well and present it into a highly effective manner. Comment on the videos and then comment on Heyek econmics Vs. Keynes. I'll start off and say my perspectives, Stimulus is BS. i'm all for Heyek...
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    Policy Analysis Essay

    Hi guys! I need to write a policy analysis essay for a class entitled Ethics and World Politics. I'm really struggling coming up with a managable topic. Essay is roughly 20 pages so i need a specific topic i can write about in detail. A policy analysis paper is a bit different from a...
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    Saudi King Gives Women the Right to Vote Very big step in a country who has had a particualrly poor record of gender rights.
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    Laptop Battery Not Charging.

    Hey guys, The last couple of days, my laptop has been a little janky. I'm running Windows 7 and using a Dell thats about 4 years old. I replaced the battery of september of last year. when the cord is plugged in, it says 0% available (plugged in, not charging). and removing the cord shuts...
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    What is 3G and is it worth $50 extra?

    3G is a buzz word. It doesn't describe anything in particular, just a fancy title to make a product sound sophisticated. It has an actually application when classifying generations, but "3G or 4G" speeds are all bullshit
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    Ffx hd NO IDEA HOW EXCITED I AM FOR THIS! oh my freaking god. i've been waiting for this for years
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    Armies of Hell, Ys and Lord of Apocalypse revealed for PSVita in Famitsu

    i want this bad, but my wallet doesn't. lets see who wins..