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    Playstation Unchained 70 ps now, god of war, chille slips up

    Hey guys Hope your all doing well
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    20 on the 20 March Edition

    What is this? On the 20th of every month, $20 PSN bucks will be given away to one lucky member. First, da rulez. Contest starts: Right now. Contest Ends: March 20th at 8:00 PM EST. Requirements: Must have at least 100 posts to play. Why? This is a community event. Becoming part of this...
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    Playstation Unchained Q&A

    Hey everyone I know we already say ask us on twitter, or even email us, but sometimes its nice just to ask a question on the forums instead of sending out pesky emails and such. So to maybe boost up how many questions we get asked! you should fire away here, in this sexy thread. Why is it a...
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    Playstation Unchained 61

    Hey everyone If you wish to listen to this weeks unchained click the link below We talk about call of duty, xb1 and assassin creed crashity.
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    Playstation Unchained

    Hey everyone There has been a few things about me planning to leave, yes this was a thing, and no it's not gonna happen now. I had a few issues that had to be addressed, and they have been covered so I will happily continue being an annoying voice on the cast for years to come. Ok I feel bad...
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    Zodmas Giveaway 2014 - Day 20

    Hello Puny Pathetic People This is your lord and master General Zod, celebrating another Zodmas with you all. This year there will be a £5 PSN voucher given away every day, with a $10 PSN card every so often. This starts today December 1st! To enter you must have over 500 posts, expect for...
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    Playstation Unchained Still alive

    Hey everyone First of all I want to apologize for this section being so dead, for a year! first of all I can't believe its been a year nearly since the reboot of the podcast, its insane to think we have been going on this long already, we are gearing up in a month or so for the 50th episode...
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    Sega Giveaway Bonaza *more titles added

    Hey everyone I have taken a small break off writing and doing the podcast for the site to make sure I can do this giveaway justice, from now and over the summer I will be giving away PSN codes, Game codes, Code codes, everything your little hearts can desire, I have a few small PSN titles to...
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    Playstation Universe Forum Errors

    First I want to say a big apology to all those who are currently having any issues on the site with some frequent down time, it seems like the servers are having some troubles at the current moment, and even though we have the tech team and Chris working as hard as they can, this issue may...
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    Chille's Cupid Competition

    Hello you beautiful people Tomorrow is the day of love, so Dr Chille has decided today is the day to announce the giveaway for the day after today. So if you want a chance to win a £5 psn voucher, enter in this thread, entry ends 9pm on valentines day. 1. DaLa 2. Duffman 3. 33x 4. shafty Love...
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    Ben's Birthday Bash

    Hey To celebrate my birthday today, I will be giving away a £5 psn voucher! 1. DJ 2. duffman 3. gers 4. dala 5. shafty Entry ends midnight tonight, need 500 posts to enter
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    Zodmas Giveaway *finished

    Hello puny future servants First of all, I maybe the future ruler of this planet, but I wish to say a big thank you to everyone who has decided to join in with the festivities leading upto Zodmas day, it was 24 days of insanity, now we have finnaly reached the greatest day of the year, which...
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    You better watch out, you better look out *zodmas announcement

    Hello everyone at PSU This is your friendly, neighborhood ruler here wishing to announce that plans for Zodmas will be starting soon, and before I decide anything, I am allowing you the community to shape the month of Zodmas, if you wish to put your idea's forward please post them here, or PM...
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    Free copy of PS4 version confirmed

    Haven't got all the facts yet but preTGS event Sony/Square have confirmed all PS3 owners will be able to download FFXIV on ps4 free when the game launchs
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    Goldsmithing requests

    I will update this thread more tomorrow but basically this thread is so you can request gear for me to make you, most of it I won't charge for but if it's incredible hard or ingredients are rare then I may charge a bit but this is only if I have too Currently I can make level 28...
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    Early Access Code Redemption site is live, kind of

    The site is now live, Though at the current time seems to be screwing up a lot, I registered my code, it popped up with an error, but it is now in my account, but on PC not PS3 and a lot of people are having this...
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    PlayStation Unchained - Episode 3 - August 4th 2013

    Playstation unchained returns for its third episode with this weeks host Kyle Prahl and with him this week are the amazing all star cast which are Tim Nunes, Ernest Lin and Will Robinson Listen here or visit Itunes...
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    FFXIV Mounts and Companions leaked

    Just a heads up for those who don't wish to know this, there is all the companions and mounts found in the .dats so far I like the cactuar companion most lol
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    Final Fantasy XIV racial differences

    here is the difference in stats, I am still gonna be a dunesfolk pugilist lol, credit to neogaf for this awesome picture
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    Leaks ahoy Siren! garuda,odin,titan

    Someone on neogaf posted this, would say more but it's 3.30am will add opinion tomorrow Damn you square