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    Vita employees only bundle. Yup got it right here!

    You sir, have your priorities in order.
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    Things you've realized are bullshit.

    So I was sitting here as some asshat in a car drove by blasting Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer. Now putting aside the thought of "Who the fuck even does that?", I had an epiphany. Santa must be the most idiotic person in the entire world. Think about it. Ever drive at night with your headlights...
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    US memory card prices

    I bought a 16GB microSD for about 11 bucks three months ago. These prices are absolutely ridiculous.
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    Gamestop Prices Memory Cards

    Lol. It's an opinion. This is what forums are for. Don't get all hostile because you got your panties in a twist over a comment.
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    Vita 3G downloads have 20MB limit

    Oh. I just assumed it was AT&T since the iPhone is limited to it as well. Still doesn't help the Vita situation lol.
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    Vita 3G downloads have 20MB limit

    Really? I didnt even know AT&T had a 20mb cap on file size. That's fuckin' retarded.
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    If Godzilla could speak English...

    Do you think he would have been much more tame and not smash so many things? I mean I'd like to imagine all his screaming and smashing is symbolic of being truly misunderstood by society. Whatever he has to input to a situation would never be heard. He was just merely frustrated, and deep down...
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    14 Minute BF3 Alpha Multiplayer Montage I know how much we've been looking forward to this. This is absolutely incredible.
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    3G isn't attracting customers.

    Actually yeah, that is a good point. If you're going to do a quick game, it should be fine. But as we all know, OLED screens in daylight are another issue in itself :p
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    3G isn't attracting customers.

    Oh yeah, you can do it on a console. It's more feasible since you are stationary. But adding mobility to the mix makes things a lot more complicated.
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    3G isn't attracting customers.

    Not to sound condescending, but even without a link, it's kind of obvious. 3G is nowhere near capable enough to have a decent enough latency for gaming. It fluctuates way too much.
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    3G isn't attracting customers.

    Cause AT&T sucks. Also 4G is pretty much here already. Way to drop the ball. Stuck in slow data rates now. Regarding the Verizon thing, yeah Verizon and Sprint use CDMA tech, while T-Mobile and AT&T use GSM. So it isn't possible to transfer over the device.
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    BF3 "**** Yeah!" Trailer!! **** yeah!
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    Ps vita Memory cards.

    Yeah yeah I know. I'm just voicing it out. It's always about money :(
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    Ps vita Memory cards.

    ****ing hell man. Why can't Sony just quit being morons and jump on SDXC, or even SDHC? Even more reason to pass on this thing.
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    I have some questions about PS Vita

    Well no, you would still have the wifi option. Would be a stupid move to solely have a 3G radio. It's just that it would kind of be a waste of money to get the 3G one if you didn't have a strong enough signal to take advantage of it. Now say if you were always on the move, and you absolutely...
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    I have some questions about PS Vita

    3G is just a wireless internet tech. For wifi, you need a wireless router/hotspot, which is hard wired to an internet connection. For 3G, you can access the internet if you're in the range of a cell tower. You just have to pay AT&T for their data plans. Which may become an issue since its not...