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    Things you've realized are bullshit.

    So I was sitting here as some asshat in a car drove by blasting Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer. Now putting aside the thought of "Who the fuck even does that?", I had an epiphany. Santa must be the most idiotic person in the entire world. Think about it. Ever drive at night with your headlights...
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    If Godzilla could speak English...

    Do you think he would have been much more tame and not smash so many things? I mean I'd like to imagine all his screaming and smashing is symbolic of being truly misunderstood by society. Whatever he has to input to a situation would never be heard. He was just merely frustrated, and deep down...
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    14 Minute BF3 Alpha Multiplayer Montage I know how much we've been looking forward to this. This is absolutely incredible.
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    BF3 "**** Yeah!" Trailer!! **** yeah!
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    And the U.S. wastes even MORE tax dollars. Godammit.

    Seriously Obama? SERIOUSLY?! You just had to bring a fricken motorcade with you, didn't you? ****ing we gotta foot the bill for this ****. Source
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    Will Sony will burn in hell?

    So I was thinking, you know, Sony really screwed up big time. What with the identity theft and everything. Lots of personal information stolen, credit card info taken, lying, and probably some sex scandals went on in the higher ranks. You know, what's business without sex scandals, right...
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    So we know Sony's track record, how long do you guys reckon?

    We know how it is. You have that amazing new game coming up, everyone's looking forward to it, you have it preordered months beforehand. You stay up the night before, go to the midnight launch, and you relish that moment as the employee hands you the game. The car ride back is a joyous and...
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    Rocket launcher or shotgun?

    Right, so me and this deutschebag friend of mine are having an argument. I expect him to come in and post, so get ready to laugh at his idiocy. He thinks that if two men were to go to battle, a rocket launcher is a better choice of a shotgun. A distance was not specified, so let's assume in...
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    So Sony has lost our personal data. How can I protect myself?

    Clearly we are now potential victims of identity theft. Sony has dun goofed, and consequences will never be the same. Now I don't know about you guys, but I don't want no daggone stranger being all up in my bidness. So I'm taking steps in protecting myself. I've cancelled my card that was tied...
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    So when is the EU's downfall coming?

    So, as it has been known, every great civilization has died off. The Incas, the Mayans, etc. Each in their own way of course. From disease, famine, plagues, or straight up massacres. Look at the Aztecs. Hernando Cortes came in pretending to be Quetzalcotl, laughing it up with the natives and...
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    I think my game glitched?

    Well I'm not gonna complain because its an awesome glitch, but still. I can't help but notice the more I drive my cars, the more the HP keeps climbing. For example with my Viper, it started at 961HP when I fully tuned it. Currently its at 1030. How the hell did that happen? It's only been like 3...
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    So how would a PS3 to an HDMI-less Monitor combination work?

    Well 'ello. Currently I'm in the market for a new PC monitor, and I figured, I'd hook up my PS3 to it while I'm at it. Sadly, the monitor does not have HDMI. But regardless, I'm pretty much set on this one. Problem is, from reading a review of a possibly unintelligent reviewer, he said that...
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    PS3 Blinking Red Light of Death'd, any chance of getting my files back?

    So yeah, last night my PS3 died. Seems pretty badly damaged too, but thats not whats important here. I've managed to get another seemingly dead PS3 back up and running. But I kinda want my save files and music back. So I was thinking, would it be possibl if I could create a hard disk image...
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    China steps up its game, adds fighter jet knock-offs to its repertoire.

    Source **** if I had one I'd buy it. Doubt its safe though...
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    Back in 1993, there was a flood.

    Back in 1993, a flood occured. Not just a flood though, a Great Flood. In Illinois, a man, James Scott (also american **** yeah!) was partying. Unfortunately, it seemed like his wife was on her way home. Torrential rains and thunderstorms whipped about. Soils weaked, the ground began to...
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    Camaro down! Stalls and has a lot of trouble starting up.

    My car stalled twice on me today. I think theres a vacuum problem in my car, but can anyone give me a second opinion? Anyways the car is a 1983 Camaro Z28. I was on my way home today, and I was noticing the car took considerably more gas to pick up speed than before. I attribute it to being a...
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    Suck it Britain!

    Happy Birthday America! **** yeah!
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    TF2 Heavy request; 5k prize and rep

    Ok, so even though I love Clamps, I think its time to move on. Since I've gotten back into TF2 lately, I want one based on the Heavy. Not much else to really say, but make it look badass :D The TF2 Heavy Entries are greatly appreciated. I'll try to give everyone who enters some sort...
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    'appy ITLAP day!

    Arrr, happy ITLAP day land lo'ers. Today we celebrate! Now ont' business. Who's stashin' the rum? Gi'e it har and brin' the wenches. Aye, me parrot concurs. Aye, so turn up the music, and drink till you cant drink anymore! YouTube - Alestorm - Wenches And Mead
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    Police phoned about man "wielding AK47 in public", you gotta see this...

    How the hell does that resemble an AK47?