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    UK government wants East End project to rival US’s Silicon Valley

    SOURCE I'm sorry but this has rightly pissed me off! If the Coalition Government can afford this then they can blatantly afford tax breaks for the industry here in the UK. /find wall /use head
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    Apple tipped to buy Sony, EA

    SOURCE WHAT?! :shock: Make of it what you will guys.
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    LBP2 Beta - Portal! Now I have seen everything.
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    Australian R18+ Debate: Waiting on “silent majority”

    SOURCE So close yet so far. :|
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    Official Website Outs Killzone 3 Limited and Collector’s Editions

    SOURCE Can't say that I'm surprised to be honest.
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    Parents Television Council Calls Game Industry "Thugs" and "Bullies"

    I don't know if this counts as politcal but please delete if necessary. SOURCE I am so glad that the UK government has some common sense when it comes to industry regulations.
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    RUMOUR: Dead Space dev doing Command & Conquer

    SOURCE If this is true I would be surprised by it. I wouldn't have expected it from Visceral.
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    DA: Origins Ultimate Edition UK Release Date?

    I've been wanting to buy Dragon Age: Origins for quite some time and after hearing the announcement of the Ultimate Edition I thought I'd struck gold. The problem is though I've been reading conflicting information about its UK release date. and Amazon have it listed for the 29th...
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    Fallout: New Vegas - Hardcore Mode Special Reward

    Delete if already posted. SOURCE Love the idea of Hardcore Mode and so I wonder what the reward is?
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    EA Dismisses Fears That Action-Packed Dead Space 2 Won't Be Scary

    SOURCE I bloomin' well hope so! It's the reason why I loved the first one.
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    Disturbed Avatar and Sig Request

    Hey guys, I'm looking for someone to design a Sig and Avy based on Disturbed's new album's cover. I'll +rep any and all attempts and reward the winner with what little SP I have. Here's an image of it. Just 'The Guy', not the writing. Thanks guys! :D
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    Mad Catz PS3 Bluetooth Headset. Any good?

    Just a quick thread. Can't find it the stickies. Hey guys, I want your opinion on the Mad Catz PS3 Bluetooth Headset. It's £15 and I've heard good thing about Mad Catz. Cheap and cheery is the philosophy for me. :D
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    Leaderboard Hacked?

    Sorry if this has already been post but I couldn't see it in any of the threads. Has anyone check the leaderboard recently? I'm looking at the top of the list for scores and I think someone has hacked it somehow. Some guy called QuantumForce has a score of 1723826928 after just over 3 minutes...
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    Ghost having his own game? SPOILERS

    SOURCE Is there any point apart from Activision trying to milk it? What do you guys think?
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    'Permanent' bans from XBL

    We all know the recent news but I didn't know every one of them would be permanent. Mods, deletle this if it has already been posted. SOURCE I don't know if I agree with Microsoft but they have every right to I guess. What do you guys think?