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    2 xbox ones, 1 xbox live account?

    Have recently purchased another xbox one. I have one downstairs on main TV and one upstairs in the bedroom. Can I use 1 xbox live account on both consoles? How do I set it up so that if I was to buy xbox live gold that it would work on both consoles, eliminating having to buy it twice? Any...
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    Need quick answer please!

    OK so I have an old xbox 360 that I'm going to sell. It was a unit that I used the transfer cable back in the day to transfer from the harddrive on that console to a new elite console that I bought. I transferred the data but in wondering is everything now deleted on the old hdd? I would check...
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    Lost game data....

    Just turned my 360 and GTA on and I'm back down to 3.2% completed wtf? I was at 30% yesterday and auto save was enabled.... I'm pissed.
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    Let the bodies hit the......

    <iframe title="YouTube video player" width="480" height="390" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe> oh and i had to post this too just for laughs: <iframe title="YouTube video player" width="480" height="390"...
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    Playstation Portable 2 - Will you buy one?

    not for me. its too big, and the touch panel on the back is not something i want to get accustomed to! seems quite gimmicky if you ask me. the visuals look incredible though.
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    Anyone excited about the next GTA?

    I know there have been no announcements yet, but surely we should be expecting one soon. GTA IV is turning 3 years old in April this year, and I am betting we will hear something sometime this year regarding the next GTA. For me, GTA IV is up there as the best game this gen thus far, and...
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    Tiger Woods 11 'hacked' (maybe) to show topless character (pretty funny) hahaha pretty funny actually.
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    Just seen a mega-long GT5 ad......

    Must have been about 1:30 long at least. Looked great to be honest, showed off all variation of race type's. Good for Sony too as i hardly ever see any ads for PS3 games these days.
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    Back To The Future Trilogy

    Anyone got this? im getting it for christmas and really cannot wait. Just wondering if anyone can comment to how good the picture quality is etc?
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    Just Cause 2 (£9.99) this is a steal, great game and just in time for christmas!
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    My White iPhone 4 (from

    Well well well. I decided to take the plunge! I emailed iPhonefixed back and forth asking as many questions as I could think of before deciding. I have to say their customer service has been EXCEPTIONAL to every degree. The owner of the company whom I was talking to via email was honest, quick...
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    PSV Eindhoven 10 - 0 Feyenoord 24/10/2010 eughghghghhg
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    Dead Rising 2

    Anyone got this game? i absolutely loved the dead rising case zero arcade game, really tempted to get dead rising 2 however would like to know if its worth the purchase? how big are the levels and do you get more weapons?
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    Dead Rising Case Zero

    Anyone else got this game? i downloaded it yesterday, have to say its really fun! I have to ask though, is the game as short as i think it is? as in once you have got all the bike parts and escaped the town is that it? or is there more?
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    Watch this video and tell me it doesn't make you feel sick......

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    Cheapest place to get Halo Reach (UK)

    I want this game, now. is anywhere doing it cheap? tesco/asda/sainsburys usually have games cheaper, does anyone know if they are doing any deals? cheers
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    Girl baked to death in bus (horrible)

    Thought this needed to be posted, its absolutely horrible. really tragic, and disgusting that something like this has happened.
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    Tiger Woods 2011 sales plummet..... not good. love these games, even though i havent bought one since 08 lol.
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    Sometimes I don't wipe my bum properly and the poo gets stuck to my bum...... hahahhaaaa