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    PS Vita was 2 years old Yesterday...

    Man, I feel like I'm the only person who owns a Vita that doesn't give a god damn about Persona. Everyone else seems to love these games, but I can't stand them. :lol: Mercenary, LBP, Thieves in Time, and Sony Smash have been the ones to justify my purchase. Gravity Rush and others are just...
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    Opinion: PS Vita deserves more games like Tearaway, fewer console ports

    Fuck that. Tearaway and friends are good, and I wouldn't have it any other way, but Sly Cooper Thieves in Time, Jak and Daxter, the MGS HD collection, Sony fucking Smash Brothers, and hopefully FFXII after FFX HD are all the bomb mother fucking diggity. Keep'em coming alongside new IPs. And hey...
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    Sony to save PS Vita with three-plan strategy

    I was playing Sony Smash Bros last night and this exact conversation happened between two of the players. "Yo Blackhawk, you cop that PS4?" "Yeah, man. [pause] I got a Vita with it, too." "Man, I HEAR you." "Yeah, man." I think Sony made a good move trying to sell these two as companions. If...
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    PSU's Tearaway Review: Media Molecule weaves its magic in PS Vita's must-have game

    I haven't seen any pictures to demonstrate this but I've gleaned from a few reviews that you can. I just wanted to stop in this thread to announce that I'm buying the shit out of this game tomorrow, and that anyone who owns a Vita should do the same. Okay. That's all. Back to my cave.
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    Ico & Shadow of Colossus Collection

    Shit. I was hoping this thread would announce that the collection had been slated for Vita release. :lol: I would totally LOVE this on Vita, no remote play required.
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    The Amazing Spider-Man: Ultimate Edition listed at BestBuy

    My favorite Spidey game hands down--shame we never got a sequel. This, FFXII, and a non-shitty port of the Jak trilogy would be great to have on Vita. And what the hell happened to Zone of the Enders? EDIT: Whoops, sleep deprived. I was thinking ULTIMATE Spider-Man, which oozed so much...
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    Do you buy cartridge or download?

    If memory and its pricing still wasn't such an issue, I would love to have a Vita with nothing but downloaded games on it. Sadly, with the limitations still on us and the entry-point for getting even a pittance of what we'd like, I've been forced to buy the physical copies of some games. If a...
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    Monster Hunter: Frontier G Announced For PS Vita

    I've never cared for Monster Hunter so this isn't news to me--but I've read that Frontier is considered the worst of the MH games, and that this being offered up was the equivalent of a slap to the face. I think you need to pay a subscription to play this one.
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    Gravity Rush 2 revealed?

    Good to see. I just hope this was one concludes the story. Just as it was getting interesting in the first one it abruptly ended.
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    Killzone Mercenary problem

    I second all of the above. The game encourages you to replay the missions (through the contracts, of course), and asks you to achieve different tasks each time, which you go about with various armors, weapons, and VACs, all which effect your speed, sound, and power. You essentially build your...
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    Killzone Mercenary problem

    My internet sucks (That 19.99-a-month Time Warner shit) and I've only lost connection with one game. Everything has been really fast and smooth on my end.
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    Killzone is here!

    I decided to start the campaign while waiting for the update to download, and my God--this is nearly the best Killzone game, easily better than 1 and 3 and just a fucking SMIDGEN beneath KZ2--and maybe even better than KZ2 when all is said and done. Yeah, the graphics are fantastic, but it's...
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    Vita Ban

    Never buy any electronic product off the internet unless the transaction takes place with the seller face-to-face. You say you bought this off craiglist, so I assume you met the guy personally. Unfortunately, you may just have to chalk this up to personal experiece, unless you're willing to kick...
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    Killzone is here!

    Just one more day! I still can't decide whether to buy the physical copy or obliterate a third of my Vita's memory. :lol:
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    Slim vita and multiple colors

    Vita Slims. 64GB Memory Cards. Price Reductions looming on the horizon. Mercenary running out the gate with a sleek black mane showing all the other show-ponies what they're capable of if they JUST BELIEVE! The comeback starts now. Someone cue a Queen song.
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    Killzone is here!

    I was surprised. Reading the article it sounds like he's prepping up for a 7 or 8--while I don't have any beef with a 6, it seemed that the reviewer was more impressed than dismayed with the game. The review definitely didn't feel fitting to the score. Still, no issue with it here--Edge has a...
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    Jak and Daxter Trilogy Free on EU PS Store. (IGC)

    It really irked me when the Vita version was announced and Sony didn't offer the cross-buy initiative to United States players; I believe Europe was given an option to download the Vita version by entering the disc into the PS3. No dice on my side of the ocean. Oh, well. Glad you guys get to...
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    Did Gamescom 2013 convince you to keep/buy a Vita?

    Like I said--I don't follow the events themselves, so it is while surfing through 4chan, or looking up reviews/discussions of another game that I might espy a screenshot of something recently announced, and being that not everything grabs my interest I will only click on links to things which...
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    Did Gamescom 2013 convince you to keep/buy a Vita?

    I don't watch these shows and just sort of stumble upon whatever is announced later--like that Journey/Ico/Indie/water-painting game that I recently saw, holy ba-jeebuz that looked beautiful. I think it's for PS4. And Titanfall looks ballin', but I'm a one-console type of guy, so I'll just have...
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    Will Vita indies kill the handheld or make it?

    They will provide a steady stream of revenue from people who have already adopted the system, but will hurt the image of the console if remaining its dominant type of release; the Vita was supposed to be a hand-held powerhouse, and an abundance of advertising aimed at what is a vast majority of...