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    $75 Amazon credit when you buy a 160 gig Ps3

    I haven't seen this posted, but if it has please delete.
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    Roger Huerta(Bellator, ex-UFC fighter) beats down a guy that sucker punched a girl It sucks that he will more than likely get sued. This is what Roger had to say:
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    Microsoft Announce Natal Partners: Everyone Plus Kojima Natal is getting so much more interesting now seeing this list of partners.
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    Three questions before buying

    I was thinking of getting an iPod touch, but I think a PSP is cheaper and can play games. And I've been wanting to play Valkryie Profiles: Lenneth so badly, lol. So I just want to ask a three questions before I buy it. 1: On this forum(a sticky on the top) there is a thread about playing your...
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    What do you hope to get out of the 360....

    What do you hope to get out of your 360 for the rest of 2009? MS hasn't really shown us much for 2009 which they usually do. It's alright since I'm enjoying SFIV, and Halo Wars and RE5 are out. Only one of these is an exclusive though. It's great and all that they are getting some old...
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    SFIV Mad Catz controllers

    Are any of you guys going to buy them? They been reviewed by Gamepro and two received really good scores(I was thinking of getting the Standard edition), but I don't know if I can trust Mad Catz. Here's the review...
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    Top 20 Live Games of 2008 L4D didn't make it was it too late?
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    NXE no sound problem

    I was looking for the NXE thread I thought we had but didn't find it. Anyways, over at AVS forums some people are having some no audio problems with their TV's and 360 while using the HDMI cable. I figured out I'm one of those people yesterday when my friend gave me his spare HDMI cable, and no...
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    So my X360 died an hour ago.. Updated

    You can just call MS then they will send you a box to ship it.
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    Tales of Vesperia or Fable II

    I don't know which one to get. I love the RPG genre and it's two sub-genres which are WRPG's and JRPG's. I haven't played a JRPG in a while because I think I played too many, lol, over this past year, but I feel like playing one. I don't play many WRPGs, but then again I enjoyed playing the ones...
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    A glimpse of the Flood in Halo Wars At the very end you get to see a glimpse of the Flood.
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    Need Help!

    Alright yesterday was my birthday so naturally I got drunk. But I lost track of time and my dog, and he ended up urinating on the 360. I don't blame him since I am responsible for him. Anyways I woke up to a RRoD 360. How much do they charge to fix it? Can they fix it?
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    So which game is it?

    This was at kotaku: I put down SO4. My second choice would be LR, but both seem way too obvious.
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    Halo Wars Trailer - Halo Wars - World Exclusive Field Trip to Harvest Trailer I sure Ensemble is going to leave us with a great RTS.
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    TGS list Maybe my eyes are messed up, but I can't see Mistwalker there. I really wanted them to reveal more about Cry On. As for the show itself, I won't be too excited about it considering how the other shows have been this...
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    I just ordered it!!

    I just came out of school and I couldn't wait so I ordered the 60 gig off of Amazon along with a two-year extended warranty. They have a post-purchase agreement so if the rumor is true I should get $50 dollars off. It should get here Thursday with Crackdown. I had already ordered Gears and...
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    Value of life declines by nearly a million!

    source: Hehe, it's pretty funny that they would actually tell us. If this has been posted please delete.
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    Hurricane Dolly tomorrow

    Dolly is heading this way, and it should make landfall by tomorrow afternoon. Hopefully, it deteriorates fast since parts of TX could use the rain, but could do without the hurricane winds. The land is already saturated here so hopefully it doesn't get too bad.
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    Unexpected hits and misses

    Yeah, basically just list some games that you didn't expect much from but ended up being some of your favorites. And also list some games that did not meet your expectations. Unexpected Favorites: Shadow Hearts - I really didn't expect much from this game since I knew nothing about it, and...
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    Who smokes here?

    I have really been trying to quit, but it is very difficult. The two toughest times to quit is when I'm in school which I am now. I'm taking a summer course so everything is going a bit quicker and that kinda adds to it. The other time it is hard to not smoke is when I drink beer. I honestly...