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    Holy Ass and Titties, Batman!

    So, uh, maybe this is just on my end, or maybe all those years of being 17 and looking up copious amounts of porn are coming back to haunt me, but in the last three threads I've visited, on the upper and side bar, I've had advertisements showcasing ASS and TITS and SEXY FUCKING BLOWJOBS and...
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    Last of Us Has Biggest Launch of the Year

    Like a bomb? Like a bomb. Courtesy of Forbes:
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    PSVita's Weak Sales Prompt Price Cuts in Japan

    Link: Article: I know some are expecting the Vita to perform better in the West, but I doubt it'll do much better here. While the games do seem to have a more Western appeal, nothing in the Vita's roster stands...
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    Sony in Big Trouble With PS Vita

    I know there are some who believe any negative press regarding Sony is "Doom & Gloom" journalism adhering to some sort of clandestine conspiracy, but hey, a rose is a rose is a rose, and sales figures are just that. Anyways, I thought this would make for some good discussion. Personally, I hope...
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    Uncharted: Golden Abyss Import Review

    Didn't see it posted, and as this is one of the major titles most of us are looking at in regards to the Vita, I figured I'd post it. Enjoy. EDIT: Keep in mind that the Uncharted game that Japan has at the...
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    Ladies and Gentlemen, Uncharted 3 has LAUNCHED (Launch Trailer)

    Didn't see this anywhere else, and yeah, there are other threads where it could have been posted, but c'mon: it's fucking Uncharted. Feast your eyes, boys and girls. Drake's newest adventure is almost here.
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    So Drake, Solid Snake, Cole, Lightning, Isaac Clarke, and some others walk into a bar

    Not sure if this has been posted, but if not, prepare to smile.
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    Question Regarding Killzone 3 Pre-Order

    I pre-ordered KZ3 a few days ago at Best Buy's website. The site said that a pre-order would guarantee me a code for the two extra maps, as well as some other MP crap, and said the code would be sent to me through e-mail. I have yet to receive the e-mail. My question: to those of you who have...
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    8 Minute Killzone 3 Review (Some Environment/Cutscene spoilers)

    This is a wonderful review done by a reviewer whose videos go by the title Zeitgeist Game Review (Or ZGR). His reviews are always fair-minded, practical, and never divulge into the cheesy one-liner mentality that some of the professional websites' fall into. Anyway, this review has me pumped for...
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    Todd and Aaron's Decade in Review / Game of the Year

    In the wake of IGN, Gamespot, and other gaming website's "Best of 2010" selections, I think it's time we all paid close attention to two young men whose passion for gaming mirrors the depths of our own. I mean, what does GAMESPOT know? IGN is surely stupid. And Gametrailers? Pft. We all know...
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    I won't post them, since I'm not sure if it's allowed, but if you're interested, a lot of Eminem songs have recently been leaked onto the net. The thing is, most of their production history is mired in shadow. One of the songs, "Syllables" (containing, besides Em, Jay-Z, Dre, 50 Cent, and I...
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    Questions about Sending PS3 in for Repairs

    So: Let me take you back a few months. A while ago, the PS3 died on me. Yellow light and all. I think: "Okay, Whatevs." Except I don't. My friend's copy of Modern Warfare 2 was in there, and as I felt responsible for it I decided to go and look up a video on Youtube that explained how to...
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    Forcedme's Demon Soul's Adventures (Being Invaded)

    So there I was. I had just killed the first boss in Shrine of Storms, a creature who looked like an armor-plated offspring of Liciktung and Snorlax, and had quickly found myself face to face with the second boss of the same world, a giant man- statue with a penchant for big swords. After killing...
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    Questions Regarding the Story in "The World Ends With You" (spoilers)

    I just beat The World Ends With You. First off: Holy hot diggity damn. What a great game. It's nice to see an actual message shine through a game's story and be reinforced so creatively throughout the narrative's progression, not simply through the plot but the game mechanics as well. Very, very...
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    A Few Questions About Demon's Souls

    So I bought Demon's Souls earlier today and started playing it about... one, two hours ago? Anyway: first off, AWESOME GAME! I haven't enjoyed a game this much in a long time. But never mind that. My questions: I beat the first dungeon/level/whatever (sludge boss place) on my first try and...
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    The "Positioning" of the PS3

    Recently, due to changes in the household, I decided to move the PS3 out of my bedroom and into the downstairs entertainment center. Down there, the best way to position it for maximum air circulation is to put it on its side as advertised in the magazines and ads. However, I'm used to having...
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    Just Bought a DS! What Games Would you Suggest?

    So my friend introduced me to a local game store, and therein I found a used DS Lite for 70 bucks (Hey! I thought. What a deal!), and right beside it, Pokemon Platinum for 15 bucks (Well Golly Jee Wizz! thought I once more. What a double deal!) After coming to terms with the fact that Pokemon...
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    Where are My LBP Costumes?

    I recently decided to pick back up LittleBigPlanet. To celebrate my return to the game, I went and downloaded all of the free PSN costumes. The valentine guy, the rock'n'roll character, as well as a few others. My question: Where the hell are they? Do I have to do something to unlock them? I...
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    Kanye West Returns! And He's Showing Off His "Power!"

    "...At the end of the day, goddamnit I’m killin this ****. I know damn well ya'll feelin this ****.” *Squeals* WELCOME BACK KANYE! :drool YouTube- Kanye West - Power [CDQ] / DOWNLOAD LINK Oh, and as much as I'm looking forward to Recovery... This Song > Not Afraid :cool: