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    How story intensive is left 4 dead 2?

    Basically should I buy and play the first game or jus skip it and go to the second game. It seems to me more like a coop/multiplayer game.
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    Upgrading RAM and Graphics Card - need a lot of help!

    Ok, complete computer noob here :dunce since i have never upgraded anything in my life before :cool: (My complete computer specs are listed here): Finally Im gonna upgrade the RAM and graphics card on my PC. So for the graphics card, im upgrading from a Nvidia GeForce 6150 SE to a ATI XFX...
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    Upgrading my HDD - have some questions

    Ok, Ive been looking inline for some internal HDD for my PS3 and have a few question ive been confused about. 1.) First is it more advantageous to go for a 7200 RPM or 5400 RPM drive? What differences will there be? 2.) Ive been seeing a lot of Western Digital branded drives and Seagate...
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    Need help with audio connection settings please

    Hey tech experts ;). Unfortunately, Im not one... I just bought the insignia ns-r5101HD receiver (5.1) and needed to know how to set it up (on my PS3) so i can take advantage of Dolby trueHD and DTS-HD/DTS-MA when playing bluray videos that support it. Question#1) should i select LPCM or...
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    Metal Gear Solid Touch for iPhone and iPod touch!!

    Just saw it on the app store today! Its for $7.99. Has anyone tried this out yet?
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    Does a yellow light-dead PS3 still have a functional blu-ray drive?

    ok so here is why im asking. My ps3's bluray drive died about a week and a half ago. And i'm looking to buy a broken ps3 which gets the yellow light and use its bluray drive to replace mine. Would this be possible if the ps3 with the yellow light had a functional bluray before it got the yellow...
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    My PS3 is not reading Blu-ray discs! help! :(

    I was playing cod5 and it froze. So i quit the game and it froze while quitting. So i held the power button until it turned off. When i turned it back on and repaired my controller. Any bluray movie or game i put in will not pop up on the xmb!!! Everything else appears to be working. How can i...
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    Blade of the Immortal (Mugen no Jūnin) anime?

    Has anyone seen this and can offer impressions on the story? I want to watch a new series but dont want to waste my time downloading crap. - i like the art and title "blade of the immortal" sounds pretty bad-*** - i liked samurai champloo and hated afro samurai. In other words hows the...
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    New Sony Ericsson Idou - 12.1 MP Camera A friend just sent me these pics. The phone looks good it has a touch screen interface and a 12.1 megapixel camera built in. However, Sony Ericsson needs to pull them selves together. There last couple of phones were garbage. I'll...
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    Dead Space: Downfall Animated Movie!? Anyone else hear about this movie? It's supposed to be related with the game in storyline but I'm not sure how. Also, should i watch it after plying through the game or before. :) I'm not sure how a cartoon movie is supposed to be scary :-? Here is a...
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    Bleach: Soul Carnival rocks!

    It's a really fun game even though you may have some trouble deciphering the japanese. I've only played the first few levels and the controls are simple and yet amazingly fun. Strategy is involved as in you have to figure out an effective way of taking out enemies and get good combos across at...
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    Can my ATI Mobility Radeon HD 3470 run Far Cry 2 well?

    Full specs are: P8400 DC @2.26GHz 3gb RAM Vid card in title w/ 256mb ram w/ latest driver 1600x900 resolution Windows Vista Premium it's the sony vaio FW140 laptop which came out about a month and a half ago. So what settings can i play the game on. Sorry im no computer wiz. Any help =...
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    Core Ep.3 Buyers ! R2 Beta Codes sent out :D

    Just got my email with the code on it dated Oct 23rd 7:00 PM. I only purchased episode 3 of Qore (not annual). SO CHECK UR EMAILS!!! :D It would be great if someone could confirm.
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    Rumor: EA looking into aquiring Epic Games

    Source: Well, i think an EA published GoW3 would be great! Especially if it has a chance to be on PS3. :)
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    Does a PC notebook with OSX = a Macbook?

    Ok so here's the question with a little bit more detail. If I take a notebook and fill it up with exactly the same hardware (RAM, Processor etc.) and install OSX on it instead of windows, will it basically be a super cheap macbook? I'm a noob with this stuff, but have been researching if it's...
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    Warhawk lagging after 1.5 update!?

    I'm experiencing amazing amounts of lag on warhawk after the 1.5 update. Is it just coincidence or actually related to the 1.5 update? I have a high-speed connection and have NEVER experienced lag in a single game before. I've played about 10 games so far in 3 or 4 different servers after the...
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    Need help choosing a Laptop!!

    Ok i'm looking to buy a new laptop preferably from a store (not online). Here's what i need: - Price under $1000 - A really good processer (2.4 GHz+) - At least 3GB RAM - At least 200GB Hard drive - Wireless N - An Average Video card (Not a gaming machine, but i want to be able to watch HD...
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    I just got a Wii!! What games should i get?

    There is no way i can keep playing wii sports. Can anyone please suggests some games for me. I'll definitely be getting SSB:Brawl so you can exclude that one. In terms of genre, i dont really care, anything you liked a lot is fine.
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    MGS4:LE for $55 used? Good deal or Bad deal?

    I found a ad on the local paper for some guy who is selling the limited edition of MGS4 for $55. The game is used though and only played through once. So is the limited edition worth it at all? because i could probably get a new copy of the original version for a little cheaper. Oh and what...
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    Interactive Travel Guide Coming to PSP The pick-up lines sound good to me. I could use a girlfriend in Tokyo lol. Pics are available on the PS blog post (link above)