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    Ni No Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom (Coming Soon!)

    Ni No Kuni II is coming out for the PS4! I quite enjoyed the original and was more than excited to hear it was being re-released on the PS3. Now, Level 5 has announced a sequel to the awesome cartoony role playing game :D How many of you are excited about this game? I would really like to...
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    NBA Draft 2015

    Calling all NBA Fans! Hardcore or Casual! Not sure if anyone watches the NBA Draft, but if you did what did you think of the recent NBA Draft? How would you rate this year's selection and how would you grade your favourite team? For me, the Atlanta Hawks = 4.5/10 I'm not sure why they traded...
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    PSN Error - 82000171 (Invalid Credit Card Details?)

    Hi All! I've been having issues trying to purchase anything on the PSN Store and fund my wallet. (I'm using an Australian PSN account) The errors seems to think that the "credit card on file is invalid." However, I have checked the details at least 20 times now and still the same error...
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    Final Fantasy Type-0 HD - Favourite Class Zero Character

    Who is your favourite Class Zero character from Final Fantasy Type-0? Please cast a vote in the poll or leave a comment about who you chose and why? Cheers,
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    Music Video's

    Post your favourite music video's here! :D ==================================================
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    Final Fantasy XIII-2 HD Walkthrough! - - - -SPOILER ALERT- - - -

    Final Fantasy XIII-2 just released in Japan! This dude is playing it right now! It's in Japanese of course, but if you're a fan then here you go! Opening scene is freaking awesome! :D Walkthrough 1 has been blocked. Walkthrough 2 doesn't get into it until a few minutes into the video...
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    What is 3G and is it worth $50 extra?

    Just buy the wi-fi version, saves ya 50 bucks mate.
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    Final Fantasy XIII Deleted Content could create an additional game So it seems like they did cut stuff out just so the 360 could handle the space.
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    PS3 (Repair or Buy a new one?)

    I am just wondering if I should get it repaired or buy a new one. You see I bought my PS3 in Australia and moved to the Philippines. It just died with the yellow light and I really to play it again. Should I buy a new one or get it repaired. It is an old 60GB PS3. Please and Thank you!
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    FFXIII Going Multiplatform, How does it Really Affect Sony? Basically it says that the 360 version is inferior to the PS3 version. Which in most cases you would think so, even though SE said they would TRY to make them the same quality. But so far it's not...
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    White Knight Chronicles Confirmed for North America

    But still not release date! I expect it to release around April/May
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    English Dubbing

    Well I don't really mind English dubbing of a few anime's, such as Bleach and Naruto. Ichigo's voice (Johnny Bosch) is good, along with Rukia, Orihime, Uryu's, Ganju's and Gin's. But I think it's whatever you get used to first since all the anime's were created in Japanese first, everyone...
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    Who is your Favorite Bleach Character?

    So who is your favorite bleach character? Bleach is my favorite anime next to Naruto. I forgot to make it multiple choice!!
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    Buying 2 PS3 games

    I am going to buy 2 PS3 games when I get back from my holiday what 2 games should I buy? I haven't played my PS3 since October Last year so I've been missing out on a few games as well. If there are any other games not on the list please list more games for suggestions. Games buying after...
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    Mgs4 Buyers!

    Vote on this poll so we can see how people are buying MGS4. Lets see if we reach at least 50,000 votes or so. So the PS3 has sold about 5.5 milion consoles so at least 1 million of us are going to buy a MGS4 copy.
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    Who is your favourite Folklore Character? (Playable)

    Who is your favourite Folklore character? Keats or Ellen? Well my fav would be Ellen. Her Folks used long range attacks so she would not lose a lot of health. Even though they basically had the same Folks they had different uses. Also changing the cloaks came in handing, being able to...
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    Dynasty Warriors 6 (Game Comparison)

    This is Dynasty Warriors 6 on PS3/Xbox360 with HDMI. But which looks better? Here is the link to the site - Here is one of the comparisons. So Dynasty Warriors 6 hit Japanese PS3s and Xbox 360s. People have really...
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    Your Best PS3 Game

    So what is your favorite PS3 game that you own at the moment? What game do you really like that you own on your PS3? It could be something you play everyday even though you have finished so many times, you could play it so many times and never get bored of it. A game that you are obsessed...
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    Game averages (Metacritic)

    For those who do not know of this site, then go to to find out the average scores of games and movies as well. Ratchet and Clank Future: Tools of Destruction = 90 Heavenly Sword = 79 Folklore = 75 Go on and have a look:D
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    Who is your favourite DBZ character?

    So who is your favourite DBZ character throughout the series? Choose whoever it is on this list whether it be the good guys or the bad guys. Sorry I forgot Broly and also some of the Buu's