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    Thanks from Sony

    Anyone else get this email its a thanks from Sony
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    PSN Maintenance August 25th I guess no MAG tomorrow :cry: 10:15 to 3:05 CST,8:15 to 1:05 WST, 11:15 to 4:05 EST
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    Ps3 slim and Colorware??

    So i was just thinking will Colorware have the Ps3 slim as an option now, and if they do how do you think it would turn out good.
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    Official Playstation site down?

    It seems like the Official Playstation site is down you can still get to the forums just not the homepage and blog
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    What Phone to get??

    I was thinking about Iphone 3g since its only $99 but i also like the Samsung Jack, what should i go for??
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    Ps3 Blu ray drive

    Where could i find a Blu ray drive for Ps3 for sale, i looked on ebay and there like $150, is there any other site that sells them at a much lower price??
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    Help with Ps3

    So today its been storming out, the power when out for like 2minutes while i was playing Fifa 09. Well power comes back on and i try to turn Ps3 on via controller didn't work, so i thought i probably have to sync the controller, so i plugged it in and starts working again. BUT now when i...
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    Cod Modern warfare 2 Sig/ Avatar

    If someone could make me a COD Modern Warfare 2 Sig and Avatar i would appreciate it. +rep and SP rep for everyone who makes one
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    FW 2.70 coming April 2??

    Sony Ireland: "With mounting speculation as to exactly when PS3 firmware version 2.70 will be released we can now reveal to you that our sources at Sony Ireland have given us a confirmation date. April 2nd Will be the date that every Ps3 gamer will now be looking forward to. Stay tuned for...
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    Sony announcement Tuesday 3/31/09

    What do you guys think it is? I think its the price cut or about the next firmware
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    FW 2.70 was online but taken down So did anyone manage to start downloading it
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    Fifa 09 Ultimate team

    Is it worth it, i was thinking about getting it but i am not sure if it's worth $10?
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    Home Bowling scores

    Since the Tournament is over i thought i would put up my score so if you guys took a picture of your scores post them here my score is on the bottom its my best score yet
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    More Home invites Nov 27

    Source: Info from the TedtheDog I hope i get an invite tomorrow
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    BestBuy selling 60gb PS3

    BestBuy is selling 60gb Ps3 don't know how since Sony discontinued them a while ago.
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    How many people

    How many people have done this now that Firmware 2.50 is out? gone to Friends icon in the xmb and check who hasn't been on for a while and deleted them, i had this one guy who hadn't been on for 80 days in other person around 50 some days so i deleted them
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    PS3 recovery menu

    Source: Source: Pretty cool i guess
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    Very good PSN ideas

    very good ideas for future updates... lets hope they listen to us the ps3 users
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    Little Big Planet beta content

    PSU I think they should keep the good levels and just get rid of the bad ones
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    Premium Themes PSN

    Premium themes coming tomorrow, i wont be buying them ill just stick to the free themes ;) Playstation