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  1. Neil S Bolt

    The Problem With 7 Days to Die.

    Wrote this up on the site after playing through 7 Days to Die for review... 7 Days to Die is Essentially a Paid Alpha, So Should it Even be on PS4? The short of it is, the game is still in an alpha state, but is currently a boxed retail game that has no mention of that fact. Now I'm not...
  2. Neil S Bolt

    The Deus Ex Pre-Order Scheme Needs a Stealth Takedown.

    Hey folks, It's your friendly neighborhood Writer-Man. I wrote this today about why the Deus Ex: Mankind Divided pre-order scheme needs nipping in the bud, and I'd be interested to see what you feel about it...
  3. Neil S Bolt

    Favorite Games Based On Books?

    Hey all. I wrote an article for World Book Day detailing some of the more notable video games that were adapted from books... So what games that came from books (or even graphic novels if ya like) are you guys...