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    A New Cricket Game! YEEEEEESSS!

    And it sounds like it might actually be good! Although it's produced by Codemasters (whose last attempt at a cricket game was a bit of a broken mess,) they've given it over to a new Aussie-based developer. There's a full preview over at gamespot here. In a nutshell the most interesting points...
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    Your 2008...In Pictures!

    Hello Photography people! as 2008 has finally drawn to a close, I thought it would be interesting to go back and create a slideshow from a selection of the pictures I've taken over the last year. Why don't you do it to? Here's the catch though: You are limited to only one picture for each...
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    Initial D: Extreme Stage

    So this is currently working its way from Hong Kong to my podgy, greedy little fingers. Has anyone else bothered to import this? Is it worth the extra effort of having to decode the Japanese menus, bearing in mind I'm a massive fan of the Outrun arcade games?