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    Where is Castlevania: Symphony of the Night??

    This thread applies to the UK only guys. Ok the American and JPN PS Store have had this PS1 classic game pretty much since launch. I really want it but have heard NOTHING of it beng released on the UK PSN store, it's one of my favourite childhood games and brings back a lot of good memories...
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    Battlefield Bad Company 1 Questions ;P

    Ok I love shooting games and was expecting MW2 to be my gaming addiction for the next 4 months or so (like COD4 was). But unfortunately I really couldnt stand the online multiplayer so I sold it. (and somehow made a profit aswell haha) I need a replacement shooter for a while so I have been...
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    Demon Souls Quick Question

    Im halfway through the first part of the first level (just started btw) and i have over 1000 souls and i havent died, but i know there is going to be a boss pretty soon and i will almost definately die. My question is - Can i go back to the start of the level and return to the nexus to spend my...
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    Firmware Update Via MW2 Disk

    As the tile says. I bought the game (for £22 haha) from sainsburys. And got home and it wouldn't run because i had firmware 3.00. So i clicked system update and then via storage media and instead of USB popping up "disk" was there and it was labeled FW 3.01. So now you can update to the...
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    --- in game xmb custom soundtrack ---

    just thought id let everyone know that the ghostbusters demo supports in game music via the XMB. thought id post for people who want to try it out, but dont have any games that support it (only a handful of games actually support it) ghostbusters with kasabian rules btw... :-)
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    ZOMG!? PS3 Price Cut?

    ZOMG! please be true! E3 is very soon and i think have jumped the gun! PS3 Console with 80GB HDD and 300 on blu-ray for £249.99 my prayers have been answered! UK...
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    Broken ps3 help

    hey, my 60gb launch ps3 broke yesterday the blu-ray drive wont read anything. Started playing up when i was playing rock band 2. its over a year out of warranty and i neeed a new one. I have heard of a service called continuous play, its a warranty extender for like £5 a month. Apparently you...
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    Anyone Know Anything About This

    as the tile says. Any info e.g. track listing, would be appreciated Hopefully rock band 2 will be out in the UK before this is... :p
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    Anyone Know Anything About This?

    as the tile says. Any info e.g. track listing, would be appreciated Hopefully rock band 2 will be out in the UK before this is... :p
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    Cheap ps3 hdd 320gb =£50 uk

    as the title says - Western Digital Scorpio WD3200BEVT 320GB 2.5" Internal SATA Hard Drive - Sony Playstation PS3 Compatible also FREE...
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    Resistace 2 beta code swap?

    ok heres the deal im from UK, WALES i have a US playstation underground account, i signed up for RESISTACE 2 beta and today got e-mailed a BETA key. heres the code FT7J-KJ51-OL90-77GQ (by the way that code was a joke LOL) what i wanna know is will this code from US playstation underground...
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    Aid your fellow trophy hunter WARHAWK

    hey guys heres the situation. I have a clan with 6 people (including myself) I need 4 more people to join to get my clan leader trophy, please can 4 people out there join my clan (you can leave after i have trophy) I also need the "Win a clan match" tropy if anyone wants to help me out...
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    Rock Band Questions

    ok, im thinking of getting rock band now that the european les paul patch is up. i'll only be playing guitar (thanks to guitar hero of course) and have a few questions... 1 - is it as good as GH3 if not why? 2 - ive heard the game is easy on expert compared to GH3, is this true? 3 - ive also...
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    Easy warhawk trophies!

    For all you trophy collectors out there, except nuvian because i hate him (joke). This may be of some use to you. although it wasnt for me cuz i got most trophies painfully legit (im a moron doncha know) you can get about 50% of the trophies in Warhawk VERY easily if you have 2 controllers...
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    ROCK BAND 1 UK PATCH (use gh3 guitar etc)

    When is the latest rock band patch out in the UK, i have GH3 with the les paul controller and want to play rock band without forking out an extra £40 for rock bands inferior guitar. I have a brand new game which i cant play, ITS VERY ANNOYING! If anyone has ANY news whatsoever about the UK...
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    MGO Camera

    Just wondering does anyone know how to take pictures with the SIXAXIS, i only know how to take pictures with a Keyboard (print screen button) I think the camera is a quite overlooked feature, i love checkin pictures of my friends trapped by a planted Playboy magazine on the XMB photo section.
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    How to capture game play videos?

    Hey, if your reading this expecting to find an amazing hidden feature that you didn't know about then you will be dissapointed, im sorry but the misleading title was needed to gain attention/support. =P Except I just changed it! - sparc For a while now i have wanted to record myself...