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    importing a 3DS from th US ?

    Sup guys my sister wants to get a 3DS from the US, i know it's region locked and all but i heard it doesn't come with a charger ? and if it does come with one, is there a way to make it work ? i mean what do i need to buy to make the unit work in the UK ? Cheerz
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    Borderlands 2 Level Cap Increase Announced
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    Will This work in the UK? (Sega Console)

    Hi everyone just wanna make sure if this thing works in the UK as i'm Thinking of getting one of those but i'm not really that sure It's the Atgames Sega Genesis Classic Game Console Cheerz
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    Things you want Sony to Change/Add on the PS4 ?

    Hello everyone, What things you want Sony to Add or Change for the PS4 ? For me:- The ability to create multiple users on the same console (for the family) , and the freedom to choose what region the user will be on. For the streaming features, they should change it to Twitch instead of...
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    PS4 game cover/case design?

    Sup guys just wondering, what do you think the game case would be like ? I hope it's. a bit larger and without that top piece that says blu ray and it would be awesome if they print the picture of the game to the cover i mean from the inside instead of just putting a paper
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    Are you getting Tomb Raider?

    Sup guys, just wondering, are you getting Tomb Raider next month?
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    Ni No Kuni avy and sig request (2k offer)

    Hello everyone, I would like a new avy and sig for ni no kuni the avy should have Esther and my name on it and for the sig either Esther and Oliver with Ni No Kuni written on it or oliver and his mom with Ni No Kuni on it ( with my name on it for either choice) do the best you can please...
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    Persona 4 arena (Please Help)

    Hi I bought Persona 4 arena from the U.S and when i try to play it, it says "This software cannot be started due to region restrictions" i thought the PS3 is region free? what do i do now ?
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    UMVC3 ultimate controller

    The WiiU is much advanced tho
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    UMVC3 ultimate controller

    Oh yeah... sorry i kind of forgot lol, i wonder how it works i mean if there is any lag when using it as a controller etc
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    PS Vita gets PS+ discounts in the US

    This needs to come to the UK
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    They need to fix Friend Requests

    They need to fix PSN msgs, a delete all option please?
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    What games do you want for Vita?

    Final Fantasy 12 in HD, and maybe White Knight Chronicles with online
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    I think it's time for a new Comp

    Sup all just thinking of making a new gaming desktop and im just wondering what's the best parts to choose from nowdays and if it's a good idea to build one now or wait a bit as of the motherboard i'd go with Gigabyte. the proccessor im not sure of yet, maybe i7 or better and i'd go with...
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    YouTube App

    Oh thanks, i didn't know that lol :D
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    YouTube App

    I tried the app, it's good but needs some fixing, there are no comments, non-HD videos are zoomed in and it cuts off a bit of the top and the bottom in fullscreen, and no subs
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    Next game?

    I just got Resistance few days ago