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    Getting pranked while trying Oculus Rift

    This was hilarious and I had to share:
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    Full inFAMOUS: Second Son Cover Revealed; Installation Size also Unveiled

    Man the hype train is building for this game; I simply can't wait to get my hands on this game.
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    PlayStation 4 CPU using AMD Turbo Core to go from 1.6GHz up to 2.75Ghz ?

    there seems to be a lot of speculation regarding the PS4 CPU. Now there are rumors that the CPU has a flexible frequency based on the amount of cores used. I guess the best way to say it is if devs choose to use less cores they can increase the CPU clock rate. Just read the link...
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    IGN - PS4 Review

    Well, this is what I expect most to say and give as far as a score and write for this system. Great Job Sony.
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    Engadget - Sony PlayStation 4 review: fast, powerful, worth it

    Very good read. This is a must. this is just the ending, read the rest at the link.
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    Rolling Stone - 21 Reasons to Buy PlayStation 4

    Man the reviews keep coming in. I like reviews by some of these companies because they are more open to state the likes and dislikes.
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    Forbes - PS4 Review: Day One

    It looks like they are starting to roll in since the NDA was lifted. Here is another great read, but keep in mind this is a prereview to the final review. I will update once his conclusion is posted.
  8. S - The PlayStation 4 Review

    I had to post this because this review was an interesting read, but to me the score doesn't reflect it. You be the judge, tell me what you think. I will say that many people around the internet are talking of boycotting this website due to their lowball...
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    A Threefold Surprise for PS4 Owners

    This is awesome
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    New PS4 User Interface Image Showing Notification Section, Message Window And More Re

    Looks Fabulous!!! [/FONT][/COLOR][/FONT][/COLOR][/CENTER]
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    PS4 OS Details Revealed by Former Sony Employee: Share Button Options, Notifications

    I think this is good information that we should all know. It looks like they made this OS very functional.
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    Today, PlayStation Sent IGN an Interesting Message

    Oh man 'Greatness Awaits' truly begins
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    All PS3 Digital Content (Including GTA5) Might Carry Over to PS4 According to Report

    This may be megaton!!! I might start buying some games now if this is true
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    PS4 Countdown

    All, I just realize that we are 45-days away. Man, are you excited?
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    PS4 Camera Supports Navigational Voice Commands, Sony Confirms

    I was a little surprised by this but at the same time I wasn't. Some good information below... I did a search and didn't find this anywhere so mods remove if duplicate.
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    Does any one...

    Want my Uncharted 2 Beta... I thought I was going to use it but I have been too know with Infamous and work...I have no time to play the Bets... So...for the Beta who ever offers the best deal...its yours...I don't care what it creative...
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    Rumor - "Sony timing its PS3 price cut to roll with Madden, homework?"

    Well, from my post before E3 this is the time I expected them to drop the price of the system...Rumor...but lets hope its true... It also is a good time to have a price drop...back to school shopping...
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    "Mole" says UMD-less PSP-Go! is on for E3, slimmer PS3 to follow

    Of course this is just a rumor...but this "Mole" has been on point...This is what I expected Sony to expect a fire sale of the original PS3 announced at E3... Engadget
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    Promoting InFamous

    I just noticed something earlier today after Sony announced the Special Edition InFamous package... Sony is promoting the hell out of this game... I truly think they are promoting this game more than they have done with any other exclusive (besides MLB The Show) in their lineup thus...
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    In Search of a Winner: Diving Into the Console Sales Abyss

    I actually searched for this on the site but seen nothing...Mods close if this is redundant...either way, I thought this was a great article...please no arguing, I just wanted to give insight to were things currently stand...I don't like the source where he gathered his information but it still...