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    Wii U Sales and Numbers Thread

    Found on another site. You can't make this stuff up. Look at the last page of their document. On it you'll see that they only have 3 territories, Japan, US, Other. Other shows (1) which is negative 10,000 Wii U's. So in the rest of the world...
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    Is it irrational to buy a PS4 at launch with so many games still to play?

    Is it irrational to buy a PS4 at launch both for myself and most other people like me? Listed below are a huge number of current gen games sorted by categories. Following that are the PS4 games that I know I'll want to get eventually. Does it make sense to cancel my preorder and just get a...
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    Iwata: No price drop for Wii U coming because people want to pay more Whelp, it's time to stop putting "the final nail" into the coffin and actually bury it. Iwata doesn't understand that a console that $300 and comes with no game is not enticing...
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    Does PS4 use Blue Tooth? Radiation concerns

    I've been concerned about radiation from my PS3 controller for years now. I have a 3rd party controller that has a USB dongle that communicates to it via infrared but that controller has a massive dead zone in the middle of the controller and is pretty useless for most games that require...
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    DRM won't save the business model

    As gamers we love our massive and flashy games with super high production value. That said, this DRM is very anti-consumer and it's main goal is to prop up dinosaur companies with failing business models. It may help them for a while but ultimately the game's industry just can't support this...
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    What's that???? Xbox live down? #dealwithit AMIRITE OR WHAT?????

    Good thing this isn't the 720 or people wouldn't be able to play Bioshock Infinite! XBOX LIVE Service Users may...
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    Wii U bundle - Wow Nintendo just doesn't get it

    So let me get this straight, they're going to release a bundle and RAISE the price for it? If this doesn't show that Nintendo's management has NO IDEA what went wrong with their launch then nothing does. If this had maintained the price point they could have moved a lot of units. This isn't...
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    Tales of Graces F deal ends in 1 day

    Sorry to create a new thread about this but this deal is only around for 1 day and a lot of people may not check the deals thread in time. Please feel free to move this if it bothers people or wait until the deal is over and delete it...
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    List of 2013 Exclusives and releases by Platform

    PS3's looking pretty good this year. BTW, was listening to the recent Engadget podcast, evidently Sony might launch the PS4 in the next couple of months (prior to E3).
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    Franics HATES the Wii U
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    Weak sales confirmed by Nintendo - Ruh Roh!

    This doesn't bode well for Nintendo. When I bought my Wii in spring of 2007, it was sold out everywhere and I had to buy a bundle with like 5 games in it. In that bundle, everything was full price. The stores had the leverage because of the supply/demand issues. Now, just a month after...
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    Sticky button problem

    I have kids. They get crap on my controllers. My other console's don't usually have problem but for some reason my PS3 controllers get sticky buttons. I depress the buttons and they stick for a second. The ones that do this the worst are the shoulder buttons. I have 4 controllers. One...
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    THQ defaulted on loan

    Everyone's known for some time that THQ has been in trouble. Well, they're in discussions with their lender (Wells Fargo) to try to work something out. They've use at least 43.75 million dollars of their 50 million dollar credit line to cause this default to occur. They also have 100 million...
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    Darksiders 2 will be awesome on PC - review included

    I'm a console gamer myself but I saw this article and thought PC gamers would be interested. Darksiders II and the triumphant return of PC gaming Brian Ambrozy 30 Jul, 2012 at...
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    Darksiders 2 possible game of the year? Preview included Darksiders II Preview: The First Four Hours Posted by Lee Garbutt on July 25, 2012 in Previews Read Next Darksiders II Official Soundtrack Detailed, Hear Four Songs Now Death is coming…we take a look at one of our most eagerly...
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    Saint's Row 3 - $9.99 at Amazon - sales up 316,800%!
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    2 Free mini's from playstation+ I'm giving my code away to first person that wants it

    Here's the link: I went ahead and signed up but I couldn't figure out how to create an EU account so I gave up and am giving my code away. Who wants it? You can't have created a profile just to get the code. If you've been...
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    Free WiiWare game North America and South America only

    Region locked to North and South America. Posted on their facebook page. Here's what it says for those too lazy to click through: To all our WiiWare fans! We are running a massive giveaway of our WiiWare game Robin Hood for North American and South...
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    Darksiders 2 video

    I'm kind of excited to play this one, it looks pretty epic. I like that there will be "millions" of loot items possible in the game. It sounds much better than the first one.