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  1. Martijn_

    Playstation 4 sometimes refuses to turn off.

    Did this happen to anyone else? It happened twice to me now. I waited an hour the second time it occurred but the only way to shut down the console was to unplug it completely. The next time I turned it on the system needed to be restored. This is quite worrying, so far I kept all my data but...
  2. Martijn_

    Zelda needs to be taken to the next level....

    I'm not talking about HD graphics, the content needs to change. For over a decade the franchise has bin standing still. Yes they changed styles, wind waker was cartoon, twilight princess realistic. But the content remained the same. The same gameplay, link swings his sword the same way since...
  3. Martijn_

    Dynasty Warriors Gundam 2 online trophies help

    Can someone help me with the 500 ace points trophy, I have 309 right now, but I notice it's not being played alot anymore. Thanks. my PSN is Martijn_
  4. Martijn_

    US online store that ships to Europe??

    I'm looking for a good store that ships PS3 games to Europe. Play-asia doesn't ship Ps3 games to Europe, and amazon only ship a few games to Europe. Just ordered White knight and Star Ocean from amazon but games like 3D Dot Heroes won't be shipped. Are there other good stores that do ship...
  5. Martijn_

    Best hero/heroine of the main FF series

    Were all big FF fans here, but who do you think is the best hero/heroine so far. I couldn't choose between Cloud or Squall, but after some hard thinking I'm going with Squall. To me he seemed just a little more like a hero then Cloud. So what's yours?
  6. Martijn_

    enough with the remake of FFVII, I want a remake of VIII !!

    I'm playing FFVIII again for the 15th time and this game still sucks me in every time I play it. The CGI cut scenes, story and characters still blow me away. Who doesn't remember the opening and the dance scene, even if you didn't play FF in 1999 you still had seen those scenes. Yes FFVIII has...
  7. Martijn_

    No more Heroes PS3 - first trailer!! I never bought this on Wii, seeing this I'm happy I didn't. Looks good, really like the style.
  8. Martijn_

    Mobile Suit Gundam Battlefield Record U.C.0081 - trophy list - 1 SECRET TROPHY Story Mode : Federation Completed – All Federation stories have been completed. (Any difficulty level) Story Mode : Zeon Completed – All Zeon stories have been completed. (Any...
  9. Martijn_

    Tekken 6 trophy list Bronze Give Your Fists a Rest Defeat an enemy using a weapon in Scenario Campaign Mode. Night at the Movies Unlock a movie in Scenario Campaign Mode. Treasure Amateur Collect 50 treasures in Scenario Campaign Mode. Treasure...
  10. Martijn_

    White Knight Chronicles 2 - First screens!! Looks good, I hope they release the first one in US/Europe fast.
  11. Martijn_

    Sparkster/rocket knight thread - First trailer! - more screens: trailer:
  12. Martijn_

    Will FF XIII be hold back in the west to help SO4?

    I just read the new that FF XIII might be pushed back to april with the reason that it would be better for the fisical year for SE. But with SO4 coming to the PS3 in february it just got me thinking. If FF XIII would be released in March alot of people will leave SO alone and wait for XIII...
  13. Martijn_

    Zelda Wii - artwork - The artwork looks good, I hope they show something already on the TGS instead of next year E3. Just go back to the style of Ocarina of Time...and don't make him transform in anything again.
  14. Martijn_

    Square-enix on E3 ( full list of what they will show ).

    source: Very Nice list, Can't wait to see what they will show for footage.
  15. Martijn_

    ''Nier'' announced by Square-enix (1st anouncement, 2 to go) A new action game to be released in 2010. I guess this is one of the 3 announcements. Could be a good game.
  16. Martijn_

    Will Dead or Alive ever hit the PS3?

    With Tecmo continuing the Ninja Gaiden franchise on both consoles. I hope that means DOA 5 will be made eventually. DOA4 is still one of my favourite fighting games, except for the annoying end boss in 4. If they boost up the roster with new characters with much diefferent fight styles this...
  17. Martijn_

    Nintendo needs to show games for gamers this E3!

    Like the title said, they really need to start show some real games instead of only stuff like Wii-fit and Wii-music. I used to own a Wii but I sold it because it was collecting more dust and because a family member was begging me to sell it to him. Off course after I sold it some good games...
  18. Martijn_

    internet and game freezes ??

    My friends PS3 has problems recently, Half of the time his PS3 won't connect to the internet. He has this problem since a couple of weeks now. And since the latest update some of his games started freeze alot. Does anyone else have the same problems. I tried fixing the internet connection but...
  19. Martijn_

    Zone of the Enders 3 - Kojima says: it's up to the fans! Even though I see this as a sort of announcement, it never hurts to convince him more. Very good news they are planning this game.
  20. Martijn_

    Official ''April Fools'' thread (Updated: Sony responses to Price cut rumours)

    I know, might seem early for this but the lame jokes start early. This week is going to be a pain for us gamers, every year it's the same. Post the news you don't trust of being real here. I'll keep editing the first page so everyone knows what is false news/rumours. *Rumours/news that might...