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    How to Put on Hori Screen Protector

    Same. Having felt/touched the screen protector, it's comparable to Zagg's InvisibleSHIELD's screen protector. I actually ordered another one yesterday but unfortunately the price has gone up by £3.
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    It works on WiFi only Vita's too, it's what I got.
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    How to Put on Hori Screen Protector

    I should've searched youtube when I got mine 2 days ago. I messed it up so bad I threw it in the bin, £5 gone. :)
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    Have you decided on a memory card?

    Same. I got mine with Lumines.
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    PSN Fraud Protect UK

    Just thought I'd update you guys(whoever's interested anyway :)) that you can now apply for 12 months free identity fraud cover by giving them( a call. It only took about 10 mins. incl. hearing those automatic audio messages when I called up yesterday(yes, on a...
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    God of War Portable Collection

    Read this from The MagicBox It says coming in Asia but there's a high possibility it'll come out everywhere else... I mean it's God of War after all. :) Definitely getting this as I haven't played both games yet. Screenshots @ link below
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    FF13 Theme Song

    I'm about 15 hours into the game and noticed that there is one music piece with different arrangements(heard 3 or 4 so far) in the game. The piece is called "The Promise" and it got me thinking why SE simply didn't use it as the game's theme song. Although short, I'm sure they(SE) could have...
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    Well I suppose the anime section is more appropriate for this topic. :) I've recently started checking out some Gundam Model Kits(Gunpla) and it really got me interested so I bought a Perfect Grade as my first. I was a bit anxious at first because all the instructions were in Japanese but...
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    Famitsu Survey 2008

    source @ The Magicbox For the lazy, it's quoted below. :) Sure is nice to see the PS3 on top of the to-buy-list despite the Wii's success in sales.
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    HMV UK Stores going VAT-free

    Finally we can go to stores and not pay £45+ for a single game(mainly PS3 anyway) or BluRay movies @ £25+. If I see them selling games/BD's in Oxford Street VAT-free then I wont be ordering from the internet anymore and wait 2-3 days to get it delivered. +rep to the legal loophole :D...
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    DivX to support MKV

    Yep, finally!!!! In the upcoming DivX 7, DivX is finally going to support the MKV container. It's only a matter of time before we see another PS3 firmware update with the new DivX version.
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    Pirates of the Caribbean Trilogy for £10.99 no more

    OMGWTFBATMAN!!! Finest deal I've ever seen on although I'm pretty sure they have made a mistake. Hope they honour the price if they do change it...
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    More Bandai titles coming this Fall

    And one of them is Freedom. So far they've only released the title on HD-DVD and I'm so glad they finally decided to put it on BluRay. Now, I don't have to buy it on HD-DVD anymore(was planning to get them next week). :) Read it in full here...
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    Yukikaze Box Set on BD

    I was looking up some sites about this one but unfortunately, there's no info whether this is a Region A/1 only or not. Apparently it's supposed to come out today(April 8 ) but most e-tailer I checked either doesnt have it or still on pre-order. So I was just wondering if anyone else is...
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    Time Travel. Are we there yet?

    I was reading some news a few minutes ago and read about this very interesting article Back to the future anyone? :DD
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    Amazon UK: PS3 40GB for £69 if you're lucky *ended*

    you read that right... I'm not joking, Amazon's not joking :) Amazon currently set up this "Amazon Customers Vote" thing so all you need to do is vote whichever you want to buy... Wii, PS3 or a 360 and if the PS3 wins, you could purchase 1 for £69!!! BUT, only 250 people can buy at the said...
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    Pirates of the Caribbean 3

    Has anyone got the movie yet? I was shopping in Sainsbury's(UK) earlier and saw the DVD rack displaying Pirates of the Caribbean3 so I checked Amazon and saw that the BluRay was also released Don't have any money to buy anything right now 'cause of all the good games coming out week by...
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    Rumour: G92 to replace 8800GTS

    as stated above.... it's just a rumor a single slot cooler is definitely for me :) I guess I wont be updating for a while...
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    Crysis Open Beta (Registration closed, sorry)

    Thats right... for those of you who just can't wait :) Just make sure you meet the min. requirements you only got 1 chance (according to the website anyway) :)
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    Enermax PSU Help

    ok.. so here's my problem I finally decided to change my PSU yesterday and ordered an Enermax Galaxy 850w(future-proofing myself :)) I received it today and connected all the things that I need to connect(HDD, MoBo, GFX, DVD) Now after pressing the power button, nothing happens... a short...