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    New Avengers Trailer Looks awesome.
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    How has your excitement held up?

    After playing the Vita at the social club here in Miami I am definitely excited for this. I hope I can win one from the taco bell promotion. You can vote for me if you want. Just click on the link in my sig. Money is real tight now so I hope I can win one.
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    Gamestop receiving demo units

    I got to try one at the social club they have in Miami. Only got to try for a little bit because they had to let more people in to try it but was very impressed with. Got to play Little Deviants and Uncharted Golden Abyss. Both were very fun and ran very smooth. I will see if my local Gamestop...
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    Taco Bell PS Vita Promotion has begun.

    Thanks for voting! Tell your friends if you can. Would really appreciate it.
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    Taco Bell PS Vita Promotion has begun.

    Taco Bell is giving out a PS Vita every 15 minutes. Go to for more details. There are 3 different ways to win. Vote for my pics here. Would really appreciate it.
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    Transformers: Fall of Cybertron Announced.

    Source I really enjoyed War for Cybertron. Can't wait to see what this one is like.
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    EPIC Fan made Battlefield 3 Trailer

    Seriously, this is epic.
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    inFAMOUS 2: Festival of Blood Cutscene

    Source Click the source to watch the video.
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    Starting new clan...

    Hello everyone. I am thinking of starting a clan on PS3 to play Battlefield games. Nothing too serious, nothing competitive, just a group of people to play Battlefield with. I will be getting Battlefield 3 as well so we can play that. As for the name of the clan I came up with Out of this World...
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    GOW: Origins Collection demo hits PS+ tomorrow!

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    inFamous 2 Interview with New Gameplay Don't know how to post the video here. The game looks awesome. Can't wait for it.
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    -inFAMOUS 2 User Generated Levels Video-

    Here's a video for the new create-a-level mode in inFAMOUS 2.
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    Transformers War for Cybertron Sequel Confirmed

    Source: Great news for me. I personally loved the first one.
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    Free Spec Ops The Line Beta code!

    I received a code for the Spec Ops The Line beta but my Xbox 360 doesn't work so I am going to give it away here. First to use it will get it. This is for Xbox 360 only! 77CF6-MDWM4-F693X-RMC3H-C366Z Have fun with it!
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    To those that have tattoos...

    I was just wondering how much it would cost me to get a tattoo of this image on my arm? Looking for an average price.
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    Medal of Honor Pre-order bonus?

    Hello everyone. I went to the Medal of Honor midnight launch and got the game that i reserved. I ended up buying the guide for it as well and this is where I think I have a problem. Since I got the guide, the code for the pre-order bonus from Gamestop was not printed on the receipt. I just found...
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    Dead Space 2 Multiplayer Beta is Real!

    The Beta is real and is a closed beta. Here is the link. If anyone gets a code and doesn't want it then I would be happy to take it. :) Edit: Here is another source.
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    Would this monitor work on my PS3?

    I am looking to get a 3D Tv or Monitor to play games in 3D and was wondering if this monitor would allow me to do that on my PS3. Thanks to anyone that helps out.
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    Transformers WFC Demo is out on the Xbox Live Marketplace!!!

    I've been playing it all morning and I love it. I get a CoD feeling from it.
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    How much would this be worth?

    I have to sell my PSP Go because I really need the money. It is a black model and is signed by UFC Welterweight champion GSP (George St. Pierre). It is not made out to someone. It is just his autograph and I have not used it since he signed it. It has been in the box ever since. How much do you...