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    Is someone stealing my interwebz??

    So I had an Email yesterday from BT, my isp, saying my monthly download/usage of 10GB last month was exceeded. It says my usage last month came to 51GB, but I know this is BS because I make note of all downloads on my PS3. I didn't use it any more last month than I did in previous months, so...
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    Is User CP accessible from PS3 browser??

    Since the update, those who have asked where the User CP went will have been told "It's in the drop-down menu on the Profile tab at the top of the page". That's all well and good, except on a PS3 browser (Well mine at least), there is no drop-down menu. You can only go to your profile, so is...
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    Abe's Oddysee / Abe's Exoddus

    Just wanted to say after having not played these games in so long, I had forgotten how awesome (And difficult) they are lol. I remember hearing about the series being stopped there for Playstation but has anyone played the others? (I think the next in the series was called Munch's Oddysee)
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    Please delete this thread

    Issue solved, please delete :heart:
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    Finding a flat in the UK

    OK, so here's my situation: I'm currently unemployed, after a 4-month contract with my previous job came to its end on Dec 31st. My landlord told me on Dec 15th he wanted to live on his own again, which obviously means he wants me to find somewhere else to live. I'm also on housing benefit due...
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    The horribly slow murder vid

    Just found this, made me lol :snicker There is some swearing. YouTube - HD PREMIERE! The Horribly Slow Murderer with the Extremely Inefficient Weapon by Richard Gale
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    Disgaea 3 class world gone?

    OK, so I finally got to update Disgaea 3 and buy some extra characters after waiting for my PS3 to be fixed. What I'm now confused about is, where the hell is the Afro Prinny you talk to, to enter the Class World?? The only mention of it in the whole game is the ranking of the "Class World...
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    KZ2 custom music online

    OK, so if you didn't know, you can listen to custom music online while merrily blowing people to shreds. My question is: What custom music (If any) do you find to be most fitting for the online carnage that is KZ2? I had a friend visit the other day, and he brought the "Invaders Must Die" album...
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    Barney the horny dinosaur

    YouTube - Barney Censored lol, I just had to post this as I think it's the only Barney video I've ever watched that made me lmao :lol: