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    PS4 HDD has 15 partitions??

    When I got my PS4 at launch on the 29th November I replaced the factory HDD with a 1TB HGST SATA 3 HDD and so I never booted the original HDD, I recently moved the 500GB factory PS4 HDD into the optibay of my macbook pro as a secondary internal HDD for random junk like final cut pro projects etc...
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    Knack constantly freezing... Becoming unplayable almost

    I've got knack on disc with 1.51 update installed and every 2 missions roughly knack freezes forcing me to hold down power button for 15 seconds, now every time I play it about a minute in constant freezing so far no issues with other games just knack. Anyone experiencing any issues with...
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    PS4 Australian launch almost here 2 hours to go!!

    Australian PS4 launch less than 2 and a half hours away EB GAMES let me pick up my games, controllers and accessories at 5pm today after doing a comparison of the dual shock 4 controller today I feel a little underwhelmed in some ways about the quality of the controller it feels a little cheap...
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    I broke my ps vita!!

    It's fake and not worth watching people… Vita screen is not made from glass… plastic screens don't do a glass web pattern when you break them… that's more likely to happen to a 1st gen iPhone Screen.
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    Remote play with PS4 isn't far away! Are you excited?

    Bingo you got it. I'm pretty excited to be able to push PS4 games to my Vita….. it will be so much more relaxing taking PS4 games to bed…. or when I'm waiting for my GF to finish work I can sit in my car connect to 4G hotspot and continue my game while I wait… it's going to make "I don't have...
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    Do you buy cartridge or download?

    I have 2 carts only because they were free and cheap... I download everything it's faster and easier just not necessarily always cheaper than in store.
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    Gravity Rush 2 revealed?

    they should have just stuck with the name GRAVITY DAZE, it makes more sense where I come from RUSH sounds like a WATER SPORTS or MOTOR SPORTS type game.
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    Vita: OLED vs LCD Screenshot comparisons

    Ill probably get a newer model vita eventually my Vita is only a couple of months old and its scratched as fark and has burn in and stuck pixels yikes
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    Vitas OS, now doesn't this look so much better?

    You will be able to use the touch interface on the vita with PS4 remote play Sony already confirmed that tapping the Screen acts in a similar fashion to clicking down the touch pad on the dual shock 4. Vita interface is fine it's simple unobtrusive and it works fast.
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    Sony announces PlayStation Vita TV device

    This is one thing Sony has not firmly confirmed that you can remote play across the Internet, when they talked about remote play they talked about people playing their PS4 around their home on Vita, remote play was completely broken on PS3, with Internet speeds much faster snd decent these days...
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    Sony announces PlayStation Vita TV device

    Best place to play Playstation 1, Genesis, Dreamcast, Sega CD, PSP and Playstation Vita games along with whatever Playstation 2 games make it to Vita and when GaiKai is released woo hoo hooo this little devices will just do it all. Sony should be heavily feared right now by competitors.
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    Wii U WiFi never works for me !

    OK So I got a Wii U around 3 weeks ago and my WiFi Router is around 7 meters (36ft) from the Wii U console sitting vertically under my TV. My Router is currently using B,G,N with Dual Band 2.4/5 enabled for the 802.11n spectrum, now I connected My Wii U to the internet fairly easily it took a...
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    How will you connect your PS4 to the internet ?

    Now this may seem like a pointless thread because a lot of people are going to say "the same internet connection i've always used" whether that be WiFi and/or ethernet, however in my case I recently discovered that I have way too many WiFi devices in my house and that that as of now, I'm...
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    Did Gamescom 2013 convince you to keep/buy a Vita?

    won't be the case PS4 will use DUAL BAND 802.11n 2.4/5 GHz WiFi antenna's and modules and is fully backwards compatible with older 802.11b/g and will support the new AC standard. PS4 will easily be able to stream your games to your vita with no fuss while you're playing an online multiplayer...
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    Jak and Daxter Trilogy Free on EU PS Store. (IGC)

    pretty much the same, graphics are remastered that's it
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    Which PS Vita Games Do You Own?

    that's a huge impressive list, I only own Battle All Stars and Touch My Katamari, the rest of my games are freebies from PSN :( well not free but licensed so long as I keep my subscription
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    The PS Vita Price Thread

    I bought a 32GB Vita memory card for $99.95 original RRP is $129.95 it's a shame they don't make 64GB memory cards, it's a shame the storage is a bit limited at the moment but I guess the games and content is limited at the moment so it's not an issue. I was an idiot when I bought my Vita...
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    Just became an Honoury member of the VITA Club

    When people say there are no games they're mistaken there's over 200 PS ONE games 400+ downloadable PSP titles and over 100 Vita titles to download on the PS store all heavily discounted too
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    The PS Vita Price Thread

    Got a 3G + Wifi PS Vita and All Stars Battle Royale for $249.95 AUS Brand new the other day at EB Games here in Adelaide Australia, the PS Vita doesn't seem to be selling that well from the looks of things but the console is brilliant... absolute bargain price for the super duper model and a...
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    PS Vita vs PSP: Looks

    Vita looks like it's been almost iPhone 4 inspired from a looks perspective. It looks much better, slimmer than the PSP and a bit tougher, it's less toyish