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    Got trophies for a game ive never played, and it says im playing games i dont own???

    Okay, so im looking at my PS4 right now. Definately not stolen. However, i recieved a trophy on my account for a game ive never played, and im showing records for playing both Fifa 15 and Call of Duty, Advanced Warfare. 2 games ive never even watched a friend play. The trophy was from Rocket...
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    Playstation Event question

    So i was just thinking about the rest of the game conferences for 2015. I thought i remembered Sont announcing they were doing a playstation event again later on in the year, but i cant seem to find anything about that. Anyone have any idea if this is real or am i just imagining things?
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    Whos abandoning their November Release dates?

    Fallout 4 is coming out November 10'th 2015. What November games are getting the the hell out of its way?
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    Mass Effect Collection?

    What do you guys think the odds are of seeing a Mass Effect HD collection on PS3 and XBOne this E3? They already announced the Uncharted Trilogy, which im excited for. Gives me a great reason to go back and replay those games, get some more trophies, and have some good old fashioned laughs with...
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    MLB 15 The Show trophy question

    Ok so i picked up the show earlier this week and just started playing it today. So theres a few trophies in there that i think i shouldve gotten but didnt. I did all these things playing as my Road To the Show character from MLB 14. Strike out 15 batters in a game playing as the pitcher...
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    Anyone else having issues with Far Cry 4 Co-op?

    So i only have about 4 or 5 trophies left in Far Cry 4, most of which are the Co-op ones. However, i cant seem to get ANY kind of online activity working for Far Cry 4 for the last week or so. Every time i log in i get that error message that says the Far Cry 4 Service is Unreachable. Please try...
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    Dragon Age Inquisition freezing during conversations

    So ive played roughly about 30 hours into DAI, and i just noticed an issue once you meet up with a former DA2 character and it heads into a cut scene where they ask you something, and then the game doesnt load up the dialog wheel like its supposed to, i mashed all the buttons on my controller...
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    Help please? Dragon age 2 freezes at 100% install

    So i just picked up a copy of Dragon Age 2 for a couple bucks, disc is in fine shape, no scratches or blemishes on it, i put it in my PS3, and its stuck the install screen. it says Installing... total progess 100% file progress 100% ive deleted all the data and tried re-installing it and the...
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    Question about future Star Wars games

    So i know that since Disney acquired Star Wars from Lucas they cancelled a crapton of in development games. Did they say anything about future star wars games? Im sure theres one being developed other than the one Bioware (maybe them, not sure?) showed off at E3. I was just reading something...
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    Money spent well (mostly me bragging)

    Ladies and gentlemen, im kind of a car guy, in my free time i enjoy the shit out of playing video games, namely Mass Effect, Diablo 3, and recently Terraria for some reason. Its fun. I recently got one hell of a paycheck, since ive been doing nothing but working for the last 7 weeks. i had a...
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    Terraria help?

    Okay so im playing the game and im doing alright. Got a nice big house, so far about 5 NPC's have moved in, All is good. What im not sure of, is i keep seeing all these awesome weapons and armors on youtube videos, my question is thus... Are these drops from bosses, or are these crafted items...
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    Mass Effect Trilogy next gen port?

    Im in love with the Mass Effect series, So are millions of people all over the planet. How likely do you guys think it is that this gets announced? Its gotta be so hard for EA and Bioware not to do this with the next Mass Effect game probably coming out fall 2015. I personally love this series...
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    What games are you hoping to hear about or see officially revealed?

    Well once again it's E3 time. Tons of announcements, crazy trailers, stage presentation fail's, and a whole lot of not much from Nintendo. Beloved franchises such as Halo and Uncharted are seemingly a lock to be shown at this years E3, but there's a plethora of games from existing franchises...
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    Infamous: SS district clear question

    So for a while there i was just running around clearing out territories and whatnot and i got down to one last final district to clear out. spent about 3-4 days doing this and i was getting bored with it so i went to do a story mission. Didnt realize where i was at in the story, but it turns out...
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    Im not signing up for 4 different sites just to post a comment in the news section.

    I'm not sure if anyone else is as annoyed about this as i am, but i remember a couple of days ago, i used to be able to log into my account on the news page, and post a comment about an article in read. Apparently now i have to register with facebook or some other site ive never heard of to do...
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    Uncharted ps4!!!! Video Added

    !!!!!! Nuff Said!!!!! just showed a teaser trailer on spike tv!!!
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    3 Days away, and the weather is looking grim

    I'm about to go to sleep. I have to wake up in just under 5 hours to go to work. On another thread i had posted that i looked through Targets sales flier about the buy 2 get 1 free sale, and i still stand firm, that there was nothing in that flier that stated anything about a sale. I was right...
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    Dualshock 4 impressions, played on Mass Effect PS3 (EXPLICIT CONTENT)

    So the other day i got my hands on the DS4 from Gamestop and hadnt really had any time to play around with it, so i spent a bit of my night off playing around with it. The DS4 can only be used as long as its plugged into the console via micro USB. I cant tell if the controller charges itself...
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    PS+ question

    Okay so i picked up PS+ a couple weeks ago, a 1 year subscription. My question is this. I just downloaded Gravity Rush as a free game. Say in a few weeks i delete it off my my Vita. then my one year subscription runs out and it takes me a couple weeks to re subscribe. After i re-subscribe...
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    What unannounced games do you want to see?

    Well, its that time of year again. E3 is less than two weeks away, and everyone seems to be getting a little antsy this year, much more so than in years passed. Everyone knows this is because the two powerhouses of gaming in Microsoft, and Sony are going head to head to sell you their black...