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    NCAA Football 10 trophy problems

    hey whats up guys i was wondering if any 1 else was having problems with the dynasty trophies. I won the confrence championship, national championship but never recieved the trophie also i won the heismen as a freshman. I played through 4 seasons and still not getting the trophies wtf .
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    downloaded game wont show up

    i just bought that nhl arcade game and i clicked to download and it went really fast i think it said the game was only 6kb and and it said installation complete but when i check my games its not there i tried it 3 times and the same thing happened im not sure what to do now can anybody help me...
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    how long does the system udate take

    :confused: its been like 20 minutes and im only at 4% what the hell is going on here is something i can do to speed it up or anything