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    Invisible shield Iphone 4

    I bought a Invisible shield from Futureshop yesterday and first off it didn't come with a micro-fibre cloth. While I was applying the front screen protector alot of residue was apparently on it which I didn't notive (like kleenex I think) and I was wondering if futureshop would exchange it. On...
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    Iphone 4 or ????

    So in one week the iphone 4 is launching in Canada. Ive been searching it up and alot of people say that the phone sucks and to get a different one. The problem is I can't choose. Ive looked at alot of phones such as xperia x10, Moto. milestone, Moto. Droid X (which isnt out in Canada.) So I...
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    Iphone 4 or Iphone3GS

    So I'm getting a new phone and I was just wondering which one I should get. I live in Canada so the Iphone 4 isn't out here yet. With all the problems with the new Iphone I was recondsidering it.
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    Exclamation Mark Signature-9000 SP

    So I want a exclamation mark signature. You can use the following signature as an example but I would prefer the exclamation mark to be green. Remember to be creative and for 9000 SP it better be damn good.....:p You are free to use any type of exclamation mark you want!
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    First time driving

    So I went driving for the first time with my brother. Got my G1 like 3 days ago. Now he dosn't freakout but he does sort of scream. The following things made me laugh while we were driving: What do you think you are, a Nascar driver??-Going at 40 KM/H Jesus, you almost hit the stop sign-Stop...
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    Final Fantasy VII battle

    I'm at the part where you go to Nibelhiem for the first time and meet sephiroth. Theirs alot of monsters their with black clocks...for a reunion or something. After that part I'm suppoused to go into the mountains but whenever I go their I have to fight a dragon. It always kills me at the worst...
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    How short is Final Fantasy XIII?

    I'm 6 hours in and I'm already in the beginning of chapter 4. Unless theirs like 30 or so chapters, am I missing something or am I just progressing to fast. What I'm trying to say is: am I missing some side quests or something or is this how the game is? Because honoustly at this rate I'll...
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    So were buying a desktop in summer. Were just waiting for Core I7 980X to come out But I was just wondering, what is everones oppinion on alienware desktops. Also whats the best graphics card out right now?
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    Final Fantasy XIII questions

    So I'm currently playing FFVII and I was just wondering a few things about FFXIII -Is this a open world game like FFVII where you can do anything or is this one of those games where you go from point A to Point B -Is the game longer than 30 hours. I mean ive only played FFVII for 15 hours and...
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    Can someone help me look for a good watch from around the range of 100-180$ The watch has to look stylish or pleasing to the eye. The problem is that I don't know where to look!
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    What are fat calories?

    So I was looking at the nutrition facts at one of the things I bought and it said: "Calories 250 Fat Calories 10" What are fat calories?:confused:
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    New Traffic Lights in Japan

    This is awesome:o Only if Canada could get this....
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    Visuals of Ratchet Future 2 didn't look so good

    So I just played the Clank demo and to be frank the visuals didn't look so good. There are so many jaggies. I dont even think the colors are the best. Your thoughts?
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    How long is uncharted 2?

    How long will uncharted 2 last me on my first playthrough?
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    Exclamation Mark Sig and Avy- 5000SP

    So I want a Exclamation Mark signature. You can make any type of exclamation mark you want but I want the colors to be Green and Red I want one Red exclamation mark at the right side and have the Green Exclamation marks look like they are coming out of the Red one. The Background should also...
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    A good MP3 Player

    So I was going to get a Ipod Nano after Eid but I was just wondering is their a better MP3 player in the market right now. I heard the Zune HD is coming out but im not so sure about it.
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    Why do things go wrong when I try to lose weight?

    So I decided to go on a diet and lose all these pounds I have on. I went on a diet and 2 weeks later went to join the gym which is about a 15 minute walk away from me. When I got their it turns out that the gym closed down because they didn't pay their lease or some other gym bought it. My...
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    Moon landing tapes got erased, NASA admits

    hmmm how do you lose such a important footage:pale
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    University in England

    So I was thinking about going to England for university because I just don't want to stay in Canada... Is this a good decision? Does England have good universitys? Ps. I dont want to go to a university in England which is located in a place which is very unhabited or nobody knows about like...
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    Potter Trouble

    Ironic isn't it, him playing a bully and all