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    my gun got deleted

    I had an SMG and bought an extended clip with it and now its gone. what should i do the gun cost 7 grand plus the clip. edit: can a mod move this to the gta 5 section.
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    which headset to go with?

    I just obtained 350$ and wanna get a head set but need your guys advice. i was thinking of getting either turtle beach px4. or astro A50...
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    Adder sucks

    I just paid a million dollars for this car and it doesnt even go fast.The looks are alright buy why one million for something so slow. Just a heads up if you looking for something fast do not pick this car.
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    Free tracker?

    I wanted to buy a new car and i just bought a garage. when i drove into the garage for the 1st time a message said that if you park a car in the garage it would put a tracker on the car or something like that. is that correct? so i save money? Also I wanted to buy a bugatti does anyone know how...
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    Tom Clancy's Rainbow 6: Patriots.. In the works

    Who else is looking foward to this game. I played both vegas one and two and both are my all time favorites best shooters iv every played EDIT: Heres some footage
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    does anyone else think this game is only worth 5 bucks i cant justify pay 60$ for this game
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    Free money?

    So before I shut the game off i always deposit my money but for about the last 3 weeks every time i start the game it shows that i have different money that hasn't been deposited, 1st time i notice was 11 grand and from there on ive been receiving anywhere from 1000 to 10 000 $$ since the 11...
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    Viewing distance for gaming?

    Whats the best viewing distance to sit from a HDTV when playing video games? I have a 46" LCD
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    Xbox one worth anything?

    I pre-ordered a xbox one a day one edition and was wondering if it would be worth anything on ebay after release or in general later down the road. The only reason I even got a xbox was because of the limited edition day one. I know soon as i get it im just gonna put it in the closet and maybe...
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    Help! Gun not showing up

    Im having a problem with a gun I bought i went in ammo nation and bought the SMG. When i go to choose what gun to use the SMG doesnt show only the micro SMG shows. How do i get just the SMG?? Also i bought the SMG maxed and bought all the ammo i can, it shows that but it also shows that i maxed...
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    Tracking on cars

    When I 1st went online the game offers you to put insurance and a tracking on a car. I did that but didnt like the car so i put a tracking on a car i liked but the other car was lost. My question is when you buy multiple cars can you insure them all and put tracking on them? I thought when you...
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    Free garage isnt working

    hey guys im trying to get the free garage I connected my soical club to the game and even got an email saying its connected but when I go into the game it says I gotta pay 25 000$ for it. What should I do? Am i doing something wrong its been 17 hours since I connected the two and still no free...
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    Players tracking me down?

    When I was online GTA 5 some guy messaged me and said im coming after you. about 1 minute later some car pulls up with two guys in it shooting at me. I killed both of them and took off. My question is how did they track me down?