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    ok i have had a long think and i have concluded that i really have nothing to offer this forum any more and that means anything... So as of right now, i am no longer part of this forum I am leaving for good and i want to say a thinking to everyone that has enjoyed my company and helped me...
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    What is your favourite section on the forum. Where you spend the most time in

    Ok. I was just wondering where your favourite section of the forum is and why it's that place and that place a lone you spend the most time... It actually might help the development of the forum in the future and make this a more welcoming place to many on lookers as guests just Mine is the...
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    GTA Owner Take-Two Trademarks "City Stories" Name

    Sand Andreas Stories anyone or GTA V STORIES
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    Resetting My Account

    Is there a way of resetting my account on here... Like as if it was new or near new again... I am asking because i feel i have to start from scratch again and do away with all the shit i have posted and done more or less.. So is there any possibility of resetting my account to zero and me...
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    GTA V story DLC teased by Rockstar Now this is interesting on the bases off possibilities that can come out of this Story DLC i am think three different stories for all three Michael, franklin and trevor off course But since Michael and Trevor know each other for a...
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    It's time to kick ass and chew bubblegum....

    Miss real duke nukem, never will play the most recent Sent by using my fingers. How else can you :) :) :)
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    Really annoying add

    Seen this has i hoover over things within my USERCP and other links on the forum... Any word on what it is and how long it will be here... I know you guys run on adds and stuff, but this is preventing from clickability on certain sections for me.
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    I have had it with Drink and my stupid random threads i post

    Look i am fucking sick and tired off my action here on the forum and my random DRUNKEN threads i post and that make no sense what so ever... I want them all deleted and for me to stop drinking and that is an issue i need to sort out my self... All this crap i posted here over my DRUNKEN HAZE...
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    Sony PS4 Performs Worse Than PS3 As A Blu-ray & DVD Player
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    Delete thread

    Do not know if anyone her followers modern fucking shit celeb music, films, dancing or news.. If so then you are in a room with echo's off one self and if you are clean, then you are with the real reality I call beyong a full on boycott off modern celebs, becuse the are not remodel for any kid...
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    The appreciation Thread

    Thank you is a weak way to put it, but i can not put into words want i feel about the PSU.COM simply is simple word and expressing them feeling is not easy.... So thank you PSU and beyond, i will contiune my support and more So thank you
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    One That Touched

    I want lyricls of songs that touched you in a certain way, the ways that made MJ a person off dry drop.
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    PS4: Mark Cerny Always Moment

    This is a simple thread, were we gather all the truth and lies of the mark cerny train of success. Does it ring truth or does it ring 50/50 or more in the favour off the money wee spend be true can a single console give you a wet dream when you go to bed and wake up in the morning, can a...
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    WWE15 game, My two idea's

    Ok now that WWE14 2K is out and getting a mixed bag of reviews and has somewhat failed in turning the series into a better one after WWE13, And overall yukies just copy and paste approach to the series, has hurt it a lot and with just a few added things like Beat the streak and 30 years off...
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    GTA V Knowledge test,

    Right lets have some fun, the game has been out for over two months now and we all have a really good hang of it and know are way around the map and vehicles and weapons etc... etc... Now what i am asking is for a wee test of your GTA V knowledge thus far So rules are simple 1. Post a really...
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    Noticed Something Nice during random shoot outs

    When i have shoot outs with the cops and i hold them off long enough or i have random shoot outs with any group in the game I have noticed that franklin will comment and say things like " GET IT ALL OUT HOMIE " and " DON'T WANT TO HURRY YOU " and a few others i have forgot I am wondering...
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    Arkham Origins: Blackgate

    Seriously my bad friend
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    Arkham Origins: Blackgate

    But it fails in that part... Because of the fact, same weapons you discover in thee other game How can you rediscover the same items, when you should have had them already
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    Arkham Origins: Blackgate

    seen the gameplay and it really has lost some spark and fun. And with the same items of the last one Origins in the title, makes no sense