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    Navigating the XB1 OS

    Does anyone have a video link of an OS walkthrough with the XB1? I've had the thing for about a month now and just can't seem to grasp simple navigation through it when compared to my PS4. There is no tutorial of any sort within the system and it is frustrating. I have no idea how to pin, how...
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    Destiny Alpha Recruitment

    Looking for fellow Destiny players to link up with throughout the weekend for PS4. Psn: Stewad Sent from my Nexus 5 using Tapatalk
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    Sharefactory unveiled. Flippin sweet. Was wondering when this was going to hit. It seems to be worth the wait. Awesome looking app. I can finally make that video I have been dreaming of which involves me shitting my pants while playing Outlast alone in the dark.
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    New Titanfall mechs revealed

    Pretty nifty. Didn't realize they were actually going to throw in different classes of titans into the mix as well. The game already looked great to begin with. I guess this just adds to it. This is where the Call of Duty magic went. Into this.
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    Nifty tool for those having a hard time finding a ps4 right now

    I know some of you out there probably didn't have the funds to preorder later on like most early adopters. Most stores are sold out, along with online sources. I figured the community might like this website that helps you find ps4s in stock from various retailers on the web. It's called...
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    Angry Joe DRM reversal rant.
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    PS4 Camera at E3- Cool stuff

    Granted, I'm not getting the camera for some time, it still looks like a pretty nifty device. I'm glad it wasn't forced on us and Sony gave us options as consumers.
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    The Last of Us ...WOW.

    I've only played the first 10 minutes thus far...and all I can say is wow. One of the best intros to a video game I have ever seen. Bravo to Naughty Dog. Well worth the wait.
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    Possible Gakai Backwards Compatibility Fix

    *sigh* One can dream. This seems like it would work.
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    Titanfall MP Gameplay
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    Killzone Shadowfall E3 Trailer

    So damn pretty.
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    Greatness Awaits Ad Campaign kicks off
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    Hilarious OFFICIAL Sony DRM jab at MS video!!
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    Battlefront 3 WOOOHHH!

    My biggest shock of the day. Can't wait.
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    No Mention of DRM during the entire conference?? WTF?

    Are they just thinking people will forget? They showcased some awesome stuff. TitanFall being my favorite of the bunch. Will I purchase Xbox One though? Nope. Fuck DRM and always on. They should be ashamed of themselves for not addressing to their fanbase and getting things out in the open...
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    The Last of Us Multiplayer Gameplay Footage Revealed This seems to be a deathmatch mode. Looks great from what I'm seeing. Looks like you are low on ammo and have to scavenge from your opponents as well. Good stuff. Also, here is the new official gameplay trailer...
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    Cliffy B on always on DRM: "Deal with it." I'm starting to this guy always a tool on purpose..or is it unintentional? Hmm...I'll go with option one. Does this guy not understand the amount of people that game offline? It's a huge market-share chunk. There are...
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    The biggest load of garbage video I have seen yet regarding the PS4

    This is what happens when uneducated people pretend to be video game journalists. Everything this guy says can be counterpointed. 30 minutes of opinion and speculation. This guy seriously has his jimmies rustled over a Sony console releasing this year. His talking points are abysmal and hard...