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    Xbox Series X Is ‘Better Engineered’ Compared To PS5

    I agree with this. It looks like Microsoft improved on what they did with the One X. Even moreso than sony did with the ps5, which to me is not a great design decision.
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    Microsoft's stellar three months thanks to Azure, Surface, and Xbox

    Surface is up 28% Xbox content and services up 65% Windows OEM up 7% The company says it earned $38.0 billion in revenue this past quarter, up 13 percent from a year ago. Of that amount, $11.2 billion was profit, a 5 percent jump from this time a year ago. The main takeaway: Microsoft’s...
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    Official Microsoft E-3 2019 Press Conference Thread

    Time to get hyped. Games announced: Outerworlds Ninja Theory announces that they have multip in the works...also announced Bleeding Edge which is online co-op and the Alpha starts 27 June Next Ori Game announced(looks very cool) Minecraft Dungeons New Star Wars game( Looks awesome)...
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    First Wave Of New Xbox Update Features Ship To Select Xbox Insiders*Today

    Nice to see the xbox team sticking to their promises of improving the xbox UI and features. Thumbs up to Phil Spencer for that. There is a video at the link but for some reason I couldn't post it. Enjoy xbox gamers!
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    Epic Madden Trailer
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    Halo Wars 2 and Killer Instinct season 3 announced at Gamescom for Xbox One

    More good news for Xbox one gamers. One of my favorites is returning. I may have to take some leave in order to play so many games coming. 2016 is looking like a winner for Xbox One owners. Looks like Phil was right when he said that this is the greatest lineup in Xbox history. There is a...
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    Gears of War & Shadow Complex Added to Xbox 360 Backward Compatibility

    Xbox gamers, rejoice. Shadow Complex is now available. I've already downloaded and started playing.
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    Killer Instinct runs at 90FPS

    I'm not surprised Digital Foundry never reported
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    New Xbox Features on Xbox One and Windows 10

    I'm looking forward to this.
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    EA “Extremely Pleased” With EA Access on Xbox One

    I had this for a month just to play Battlefield. I will definitely be getting it again for Battlefront.
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    Microsoft’s HoloLens is the game changer for video games

    Very cool demo on the site. Someone please post it if you can, I couldn't.
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    New DX12 Benchmark: 1300% Better Than DirectX 11

    Also more at this source.
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    Sunset Overdrive Reviews

    So far a 82 on Metacritic. Welcome back Insomniac. Another solid title on Xbox-one. One more day. IGN 9/10 Attack of the Fanboy 4.5/5 GamePlanet 9.5/10 Gaming Age A-/A+ Lazy Gamer 8.5/10 Gaming Trend 90/100 Dual Shockers 9/10 GamerFuzion 9.2/10 Gamesradar 4/5...
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    Spiritual follow-up to Shadow of the Colossus could come to Xbox One

    That would be awesome if this came to xbox one. [/FONT][/COLOR]