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  1. Sylar

    Do any of you draw/sketch?

    I recently started drawing again after years of not bothering and I'm enjoying it at the moment, I was wondering if there are many people on here who draw regularly and would like to share any pictures?
  2. Sylar

    Best bluetooth/portable speakers?

    looking for a decent and reasonably priced bluetooth speaker that I can use with my phone and tablet, I know some of the small ones have decent sound but I don't know too much about the best makes and stuff like that! does anyone here use them or have any recommendations?
  3. Sylar

    What's your opinion on episodic interactive adventure games?

    There are quite a few of these around now like the TellTale games of The Walking Dead, The Wolf Among Us and Game of Thrones, with the most recent being Life is Strange from Square-Enix. Do you find these sort of games appealing? For me they feel like a nice break from some of the more serious...
  4. Sylar

    [OT] The Crew

    So those of you who have the game, what do you think? I haven't gotten very far myself, done a few story missions but I enjoy discovering things and doing the challenges!
  5. Sylar

    Merry Christmas Everyone

    just thought i'd wish everyone a happy christmas and hope you all enjoy yourselves :) be sure to eat and drink far too much
  6. Sylar

    PSU Podcasts

    I was wondering if there is an archive or something where I can listen to them all? Would be cool to check them out whilst I'm grinding on Diablo 3!
  7. Sylar

    The Theory of Everything Trailer

    looking forward to this
  8. Sylar

    The Science of Interstellar

    started watching this, very interesting!
  9. Sylar

    Amazing Xbox One deal for UK peeps

    just saw this on the ShopTo's eBay and it is so tempting! you get all this for £350
  10. Sylar

    Have you started your Christmas shopping?

    yeah that's right, I used the C word, wanna fight about it!? I've just started buying presents properly now, I know some people who have already finished theirs and wrapped it all up! have any of you started this wallet offending task?
  11. Sylar

    Ryan Gosling won't eat his cereal
  12. Sylar

    Film photo locations

    Just came across a website where this fella takes images from film scenes and then captures them in place where they were filmed. stuff like this
  13. Sylar

    Diablo 3 Joker Easter Egg

    I just found this when doing a bounty with my Witch Doctor, managed to put a video together so thought I'd share it here, has anyone else found any easter eggs in Diablo?
  14. Sylar

    Exclusive first look at the new Terminator Genisys

    too much to copy and paste then sort out so I'll just be lazy and link the page :p not too sure what to make of this at the moment
  15. Sylar

    Christopher Nolan's Interstellar leads to new scientific discovery
  16. Sylar

    Glitched loot crates

    has anyone else come across stuff like this ?
  17. Sylar

    Loot system is still weird

    I was just doing a bounty killing Hive majors and I had a legendary engram drop from a level 18 enemy, yet I 'almost' did the weekly heroic strike on 28 and kept getting green engrams :snicker
  18. Sylar

    Decent and Durable in ear headphones?

    Basically I need a good enough pair of in ear headphones for work as the cheap ones I use don't last longer than a few months! They tend to stop when the wire by the jack wears away and the wires get exposed and start to fray, hopefully I can get a decent pair and im hoping you guys know what...
  19. Sylar

    Giant butt plug in France

    shit article to be fair but it looks funny
  20. Sylar

    Cargo - 7 minute zombie short film

    I really enjoyed watching this short so I thought I'd share