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    Big question

    since the ps4 is a brick house with amazing stuff will i be able to copy my downloaded games from my ps3 to it and friends, account and user name
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    phone HELP

    iv got a HTC inspire and i went from 4gb card to 32gb and im having a hell of a time getting anything to transfer please hit me up bc im got my new boy on vid and pics so i cant lose them
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    sig request

    The Walking DEAD you guys are all good so hit me up iv got some sp so let me know if u want it or not
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    Sleeping dogs

    ive been wondering about this game can i get a review on it from som1 the finished it i been on youtube and read on it but im not getting what i want???
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    straight talk pre pay ppl

    have any of u guys try the bring a tmobile or att phone and buy there sim if so how long did it take to activate and did u hav any probs
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    HES here

    standing at 20.5in and 8.8 lbs 11:24pm Caleb
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    OMG zombie Prank OMG what if sum1 pulled a gun on him LOLOLOLOLOLOL
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    advance Car enthusiast

    what are your thoughts on wheel spacers are the bad and unsafe or they ok to use??
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    Calling Hunters quick???

    i had 2 ps3s so i decided to trade it up well i ended up with a Mossberg 500C 20 gauge and im looking for a forend and a pistol grip stock but all i find is 500A,C and 12 gauges? any good sites for this?
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    Sniper elite V2

    dont knock it before you try the demo this was the first time for me and the kill cam is just off THE CHAIN u guys gota try the demo
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    Cellphone work

    am i able to flash a LG optimus V form virgin mobile to straight talk?
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    [Spoilers] The Walking Dead

    and he wasnt bitn so y did he turn
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    Car audio ppl!!!

    i know a lil more than the basics of car audio so i want to put in subs without buying a deck but im looking for a speaker crossover to subs is this the piece i need to cut into the rear speakers to plug into the amp VIA RCA plugs???
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    lil lost

    ive been so board lately i decided to buy warhammer bc the sp demo seemed pretty good but after i bought it, it turned to kill team and the game is completely different wtf???
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    blown the hell up

    skip to 5:15 this was an old building and was crazy to be there
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    Christmas meets Battlefield 3! im lost on putting up vids still took sum time
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    computer geeks Help!!!

    my gfs comp isnt the best and she never plays games but i got her 1 and it isnt connected to the internet so i tried DL directX to a USB from mine and transferring it to hers but it says unable to download try again later im using a USB? shes running Windows XP
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    real life BF3

    pretty cool need to be longer
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    Join me and my Clan

    Were on Battlefield 3 and lookin for good players 18+ check us out we all get along and have fun and do the job right.... site-
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    Auto BF3 stat SIGS